Traducción de pray en Español:


rezar, v.

Pronunciación /preɪ//preɪ/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    orar formal
    let us pray oremos formal
    • they pray to many deities rezan a muchos dioses
    • to pray for sb/sth rezar / rogar por algn/algo
    • they prayed for the victims/their souls rezaron / rogaron por las víctimas/sus almas
    • let us pray to God for strength pidámosle / roguémosle a Dios que nos dé fuerzas
    • to pray for rain rezar para que llueva
    • let's pray for an easy paper recemos para que nos toque un examen fácil
    • to be past praying for no tener salvación

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    she prayed that God might help them rogó a Dios que los ayudara
    • I pray (to) God he's all right Dios quiera que no le haya pasado nada
    • Robert silently prayed to God, hoping that others were backing him up on this case.
    • As well as this, consider getting involved in praying for the mission, or in helping out in a practical way.
    • I went to the local chapel, and prayed to the Almighty for help.
    • The only explanation for this is a miracle from God, as we had been praying for her at church.
    • I silently prayed to God for guidance as to what to do next.
    • She was helped through her exams by knowing that her vicar was praying for her to succeed.
    • He looked like a priest praying for strength.
    • People pray to these deities because they have an adoration for the deity and have a feeling of awe about it.
    • If you wish to have children, you pray to the fertility goddess.
    • We can discharge this obligation by simply praying for him as we pray for our dear ones and our own very selves.
    • He would lie on the ground and gaze upward at the heavens and pray for deliverance.
    • Muslims also pray in mosques on Friday, their holy day of the week.
    • But hundreds of people gathered outside to sing hymns and pray on his behalf.
    • Churches were praying for the souls of the kids caught up in the glare of those flashing lights.
    • Today, for instance, women not only pray at the mosque but also participate in social activities there.
    • So my advice is: pray more, sin less and live the life that God is calling you to live.
    • I am a devout Christian who prays every day.
    • People fervently pray, hoping to keep the calamities at bay.
    • And I started to pray out loud, and I just became immediately calm.
    • If that happens, please pray for my soul.
  • 2arcaico

    (beg, request)



  • 1

    pray be seated por favor tomen asiento
    • and what, pray (tell), is the point of this? ¿y qué sentido tiene esto, si se puede saber?