Traducción de precisely en Español:


con precisión, adv.

Pronunciación /prɪˈsʌɪsli//prəˈsaɪsli/


  • 1

    (measure/calculate/describe) con precisión
    it had been very precisely worked out se había calculado con toda precisión
    • What precisely is this new system going to be for examining such a dismissal?
    • After precisely one not-very-calm minute of straining myself in this position I decide to move.
    • Your registered title should precisely define what you do and do not own and what other rights of access you may have.
    • The problem, we hear, is defining precisely what an investment actually is in this context.
    • It was much more insidious precisely because it was not defined in terms of what he did or did not do.
    • They would stay for precisely 120 minutes, and when they left, the fate of the village would be sealed.
    • There was a time when a coach could define precisely the role of every position on the field.
    • An enormous effort will be put into analysing and debating the detail of who precisely said what to whom, and when they did so.
    • Hours later she was able to tell them, in grim, upsetting detail, precisely what she had done.
    • So far today, in the space of nearly four and a half hours, I have managed precisely ten minutes work.
    • It's hard to define precisely, and even bands within this genre shy away from giving it an exact title.
    • It is agreed by the parties that each Lease contained precisely the same terms.
    • We don't know enough details yet to know precisely how that piece fits into the puzzle.
    • I do tend to rule out France and Germany precisely because their systems cost a fortune.
    • Instead it provided an elaborate scheme for defining precisely who should be eligible for assistance.
  • 2

    we have precisely one hour left tenemos exactamente una hora
    • at two o'clock precisely a las dos en punto
    • she was chosen precisely because of that se la eligió a ella precisamente por eso
    • but that means starting all over again — precisely! pero eso significa empezar de nuevo — ¡exacto! / ¡justamente!
  • 3

    con minuciosidad
    con sumo cuidado