Traducción de predatory en Español:


predador, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈprɛdəˌtɔri//ˈprɛdət(ə)ri/


  • 1

    (insect/animal) predador
    (animal/insect) depredador
    (insect/animal) predatorio
    (lending) predatorio
    (person) rapaz
    • Unfortunately, predatory adults are already using the recent disaster to exploit these imperiled children.
    • The leafcutter ants are accountable for 25 per cent of all leaf destruction in the South American rainforests, and predatory ants eat more insects than all other animals put together.
    • Adam and his team of falconers use predatory birds like gyrfalcons, eagles, and peregrine falcons to clear the air.
    • When large fish were excluded, predatory insects and fish fry were freed from predation and more effectively controlled chironomid populations feeding on algae.
    • Effective defense against newly encountered predatory species is clearly one factor that could facilitate establishment of an introduced species.
    • The bill also significantly improves protection for society's most vulnerable groups against exploitation by predatory sexual offenders.
    • Previous studies indicate that expanded brain volume in predatory mammals leaves less room for jaw muscles.
    • Scientists still aren't clear, for example, whether the birds hunted in packs like velociraptors or individually like large predatory cats.
    • Large, predatory mammals form a guild in which competition is expected to be relatively intense.
    • We also found that one particularly aggressive predatory ant species tended to attack bugs carrying eggs, and gangs of these ants could succeed in killing them.
    • But those predatory insects that locate prey through chemical sensing are not deterred.
    • Experts believe the extinct birds were meat-eaters because their beaks resemble those of predatory eagles and scavenging vultures.
    • The predatory species therefore also have short life spans.
    • Belinda Hoare, of Home and Away, portrays the extraordinary lead character, Miss Julie a fallen, desperate, sexually predatory heiress seeking to be saved by love.
    • It was probably a bipedal animal, probably predatory, and probably the size of a large dog.
    • Visibility and distribution of prey and predatory sharks may correlate with water depth.
    • I mean, there have been cases of predatory females seeking out young, teenage boys to have their wicked way with…
    • If predatory birds expect their prey to fall to the ground, Schmitz and Auliya's argument runs, they would be unlikely to notice a lizard still hanging from a branch.
    • Mammals and birds in particular developed new forms, whether as fast-running herbivores, large predatory mammals and birds, or small quick birds and rodents.
    • Such substances generally are highest in older, larger, and more predatory fish or marine mammals.
    • But predatory birds attack from above, relying on their excellent vision to sight prey during daylight.
    • Describing himself as one of the ‘new princes of corporate feudalism,’ the CEO is corrupt, predatory and greedy.
    • Mercury then enters the aquatic food chain, becoming more concentrated in higher-level predatory fish.
    • Now a recent study suggests that one creature - with a bite that may rival that of most predatory mammals - may have been sorely misjudged.
    • Several strains and species of predatory nematodes are produced and sold.
    • Like Pabst's Lulu (but unlike American cinema's predatory noir females), Stasha ignores money and seeks no economic goal.