Traducción de predicate en Español:


predicado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈprɛdəkət//ˈprɛdɪkət/


  • 1

    predicado masculino

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    to predicate sth on sth basar algo en algo
    • Second, social movements are predicated on, and derive their legitimacy from, mass mobilization and popular support.
    • Consider, for example, the scope of the authority Mary believes the love-charm affords her and what, in the end, that authority is predicated upon.
    • Part of our freedom is predicated on the right to act as economic agents.
    • It is, however, important to note at the outset that the whole argument is predicated on two assumptions.
    • One just can't help feeling, however, that the entire base he has predicated his argument on is flawed.
  • 2

    to predicate sth of sth/sb atribuirle algo a algo/algn
    • The 1918 concession was clearly predicated on there being sufficient Catholic children to fill school rolls.
    • It is true that the Court in the Chemial case predicates its acceptance of the Italian policy on the basis that it does not result in any discrimination, whether direct or indirect.
    • It's true that many modern philosophies predicate humanness on the ability to reason.
    • Yet the rejection of elemental decencies and self-respect on which their society is predicated amounts to a collapse of civilisation.
    • Every succeeding question was predicated in the assumption that you had answered ‘yes’ to the first question.