Traducción de predictable en Español:


previsible, adj.

Pronunciación /prɪˈdɪktəb(ə)l//prəˈdɪktəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (result/outcome) previsible
    I knew you'd say that, you're so predictable sabía que ibas a decir eso, siempre sales con lo mismo
    • he got drunk — that was predictable se emborrachó — era de esperar
    • There was a time when guests and callers were moderate and predictable in their comments.
    • It was the only surprise in an otherwise predictable annual awards ceremony announced this weekend.
    • Looking back, he sees his reaction as sadly predictable after years of psychological bullying.
    • Babies are not machines and cannot be programmed how and when to behave and they are not always predictable.
    • Even if the story is on predictable lines, music and dialogue impart the momentum.
    • A scientific theory of IR leads us to expect states to behave in certain predictable ways.
    • It's easy to guess the inevitable response because people are genuinely predictable.
    • Your course is entirely predictable and can be anticipated by the predator.
    • So, the art to urban driving, is being predictable, and being able to tell what other roads users are most likely to do.
    • Look here Bobby, if something is inevitable then it is also predictable.
    • He was always so predictable, and now he was behaving completely out of character.
    • These were fairly predictable problems, yet he appeared not to have anticipated them at all.
    • The mother-of-one is equally prepared for predictable praise directed at her.