Traducción de predominantly en Español:


predominantemente, adv.

Pronunciación /prəˈdɑmənəntli//prɪˈdɒmɪnəntli/


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    the members of the club are predominantly young los socios del club son predominantemente jóvenes / son jóvenes en su mayoría
    • At first the fact the audience was predominantly female surprised me, before I realised why.
    • It is a show but not a contest, and, thankfully, the beauty of sport comes predominantly from the contest.
    • Any guy who can drive a crowd like that from a predominantly solo acoustic set is talented to say the least.
    • Ten years ago, the choice was definitely predominantly white, with perhaps a narrow strip of colour.
    • The room is predominantly beige with a narrow white border close to the ceiling.
    • The country is a British territory with a predominantly Christian population.
    • All this is happening in a country that has predominantly an agriculture economy.
    • We know it is done predominantly for TV, but we might have to reflect on that.
    • He informs me that the ground below Dublin consists predominantly of boulder clay.
    • As these trades were predominantly the domain of women there was originally a strong female contingent.
    • The people who currently monitor electronic tags are predominantly low paid with minimal training.
    • The shirt will be predominantly claret and amber stripes on the front with an amber hoop around the top and a black collar.
    • The company says the auction mart site has been chosen because it is a predominantly light industrial area.
    • The area to the north and east of the appeal site is within a predominantly dense residential area.
    • The future of the Welsh revival depends predominantly on the recuperative powers of their missing men.
    • Figures also show that most incidents take place in busy urban areas and predominantly in the South of England.
    • Matt has been DJ-ing for about three years, in various styles but predominantly house and deep house.
    • Exports were predominantly raw materials and goods with a low level of processing.