Traducción de preempt en Español:


adelantarse a, v.

Pronunciación /priˈɛmpt//priːˈɛmpt/

verbo transitivo

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    (attack/move) adelantarse a
    she preempted their criticism by apologizing evitó las críticas pidiendo excusas de antemano
    • Why don't these guys just talk and write like normal people in the first place, and thus pre-empt the ‘media misunderstandings’ they're always complaining about?
    • The intent is to be able to quickly pre-empt disasters like the outbreak of mad cow disease that struck Europe during the '90s.
    • Hedging or pre-empting foreign currency exposure is an ideal way to protect profitability.
    • The company's spring meeting was the occasion for the shareholders to pre-empt the governing board by throwing down the gauntlet on finance and management of services.
    • Being a thoroughly honest person, I thought it would be wise to pre-empt any observant readers of this site, particularly the ones with long memories, who might recall an entry I posted here nearly eight months ago.
    • Of course, the media is always trying to pre-empt events, but where there is smoke there is fire.
    • The last thing the nation needed was for its Prime Minister to pre-empt such a debate by writing his own preamble.
    • Two translations of De Magnete appeared; although Thompson began first, he was pre-empted by P Fleury Mottelay's 1893 edition.
    • Although I am not sure, I believe legislation thus pre-empts any attempt to recover additional damages through a lawsuit.
    • But as we were leaving I spotted that our Sales guy had something to add so I quickly pre-empted him.
    • The central bank apparently decided to pre-empt the politicians, but the move has raised doubts about the true degree of its independence.
    • He was pre-empted by a question from the audience seeking an explanation as to why the former democratically-elected team had been sacked.
    • First, it is clear the authorities did little or nothing to pre-empt the events of last year.
    • Or, they may have decided to locate a store in Vancouver not because they believe they can make a profit there, but to pre-empt any of their global competitors from gaining the market share that Vancouver represents.
    • I have not seen anything in the Minister's comments that suggest he was pre-empting anyone.
    • Velised pre-empted him, causing an ‘accident’ that killed my mother and my brother Daniel.
    • Naturally, the conversation turned towards the difficulties of dedicating time to the demands of competitive yacht racing, pre-empted by the pressure of official duties.
    • But on this occasion police pre-empted the event and warned drivers to keep away.
    • We would like to resolve this amicably but we were pre-empted.
    • Kirby sensed that Jason was about to negatively comment, so she pre-empted him with a warning remark to be nice.
    • France's move is intended to pre-empt such action.
    • We don't want to pre-empt anything that people might want to do,’ said Mrs Taylor.
    • Often the coup is undertaken to pre-empt revolutionary change from below and impose a measure of reform from above.
    • However, the giant pre-empted him by the simple expedient of hauling the prostrate felon off the ground by his hair and then dropping him when Grundle had scrambled clear.
    • For this campaign Soviet troops used parachute formations on a large scale to occupy the ports of Dairen and Port Arthur to pre-empt an anticipated American landing.
    • So the agencies hope to pre-empt Congress, in part to preserve their own discretion.
    • However, once again he was pre-empted when the earl of Arran (heir to the Stewart succession) was proclaimed governor of Scotland on 3 January 1543.
  • 2EEUU

    (land) ocupar terrenos del gobierno para conseguir el derecho preferente de compra
    • Community groups are right to complain about the Ontario Municipal Board and the way it pre-empts the land-use decisions of municipal councils while destroying the relative permanence of Official Plans.
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      apoderarse de

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