Traducción de preferment en Español:


promoción, n.

Pronunciación /prɪˈfəːm(ə)nt//prəˈfərmənt/



  • 1

    promoción femenino
    ascenso masculino
    • This is why the insiders' network is so strong - its members look after each other with appointments and preferment.
    • The appointment was the officer's last posting, offering no prospect of promotion or preferment thereafter.
    • In the race for wealth, honours and preferment [a man] may run as hard as he can and strain every nerve and muscle in order to outstrip all of his competitors.
    • It spread rapidly, to the detriment of Spanish, because it was the new language of government, preferment, and education.
    • The media love this sort of stuff - and a network of opportunists in the bureaucracy can always be found to present their future masters with the hard evidence in the hopes of future preferment.
    • He secured all kinds of preferment from local cadres, and even several marriage proposals from attractive and ambitious young ladies, before his exposure.
    • Although he had previously opposed royal policies, he was a believer in firm government and accepted preferment in order to uphold the king's power.
    • The monarchs and bierarchs of Bacon's day do appear, but chiefly as recipients of the stream of anxious supplications for preferment Bacon submits throughout his ‘troubled life’.
    • We cannot function as a country if there is politically and legally sanctioned preferment for one group.
    • I think they are more in touch with the part of their organisation that will provide them with preferment in their party.
    • But you may be on your way to preferment in the new Administration.
    • The most credible left wing candidates for succession or preferment would not change much of the last manifesto.
    • Courtenay's aristocratic connections carried him rapidly up the ladder of preferment.
    • It was at this moment in her day when she received supplicants for preferment in the court, members of the administration or the armed forces over which she wielded great influence.
    • By midwinter these intraband tensions were exacerbated as Big Road's own young men reacted suspiciously to their leader's preferment.