Traducción de preggers en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈprɛɡərz//ˈprɛɡəz/



  • 1

    to be preggers estar en estado eufemismo
    • Then she left school and she met someone, but fell preggers at 16.
    • I know it really is important to look after your breasts when you're preggers - mastitis is an evil thing indeed.
    • I think it's an interesting option, actually, and one I'd probably go for if I found myself unexpectedly preggers and that option was available to me.
    • Look, Nadia, they don't give a damn if you're sexually active or not, they just don't want you to get preggers.
    • He gets wounded and rushes home when he finds out his wife is preggers with his new son Edward, born in 1862.
    • Nope, Jane ain't preggers yet, and there's no John Jr. in the works.
    • Xander didn't really have much of a choice in getting Leah preggers.
    • I really wanted to be a father and when she told me she was preggers I was so excited… then the miscarriage.
    • The same thing happened when I was at the animal hospital, too; two or three people got preggers there, sometime before I left.
    • Sadly the are other reasons apart from financial why what are essentially children having children should not get preggers.
    • Before you can say, ‘Hang on a sec, darling’, she's preggers and her French boyfriend's on the boat train back to Paris.
    • I mean, look at me - I'm married and preggers - who thought that would ever happen?