Traducción de preinstall en Español:


preinstalar, v.


Pronunciación ///ˌpriɪnˈstɔl/

verbo transitivopreinstalling, preinstalled

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    • Although I have bought several systems with Linux pre-installed from several different vendors, they were all web servers.
    • The company has signed deals with the world's top hardware manufacturers to have its settings pre-installed on laptops and PDAs.
    • It is a legal requirement that pre-installed operating systems remain with a machine for the life of the machine.
    • Are the machines going to come with Corel Linux pre-installed?
    • Linux is certified and shipped pre-installed on workstations but is not offered on Compaq desktops and laptops.
    • Red Hat is still in discussion with hardware vendors about selling machines with the software pre-installed.