Traducción de prejudicial en Español:


ser perjudicial para, adj.

Pronunciación /prɛdʒʊˈdɪʃ(ə)l//ˌprɛdʒəˈdɪʃ(ə)l/


to be prejudicial to

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    ser perjudicial para
    this could be prejudicial to our interests esto podría perjudicar nuestros intereses / ser perjudicial para nuestros intereses
    • So a stay that would last indefinitely would be presumptively prejudicial to the plaintiff.
    • In any event I think it plain that he did have a prejudicial interest and that neither he nor the council could reasonably have taken a different view.
    • Its probative value outweighs the prejudicial effect it might have on the trial of the Defendant.
    • The Compromise fostered a climate in which majority voting prejudicial to the interests of a particular State tended to be avoided.
    • There is all this evidence which can be brought out from her which is highly prejudicial to you, but you take those chances.
    • It is said that the remark about being a troublemaker was so highly prejudicial to the defendant that the trial should not have continued.
    • They had infiltrated a military airfield, and this was regarded as prejudicial to the state's interests.
    • The prejudicial effect on the jury would have been enormous.
    • Who, then, is to determine what is and what is not prejudicial to the safety and interests of the State?
    • As the paragraph was extremely prejudicial, the appellants should have had the opportunity of replying to it.
    • No doubt you were prepared to disclose that piece of advice because you did not think it particularly prejudicial to your client's case.
    • Did any of the background dirt about the doctor come before the jury, or was it ruled prejudicial?
    • The letter also contained references to drugs and matters that would have been prejudicial to the appellant.
    • So in that sense there is no problems with saying things which might be prejudicial in front of the jury.
    • What was excised was irrelevant or prejudicial material that did not go before the jury.