Traducción de preliminary en Español:


preliminar, adj.

Pronunciación /prəˈlɪməˌnɛri//prɪˈlɪmɪn(ə)ri/


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    (investigation/measures/remarks) preliminar
    the preliminary rounds la etapa de clasificación previa
    • The numbers from these tests are still very preliminary and are mostly being kept under wraps.
    • The company has agreed to prepare preliminary proposals based on feedback received at the workshop and exhibition.
    • The preparation of the preliminary report by Tobin Consultants will take approximately six months to complete.
    • Memos also served as preliminary drafts of the results and discussion sections of this paper.
    • At that time, the Child Support Guidelines were not yet in force but preliminary drafts were available.
    • Feeling satisfied with this preliminary exploration of the market, I went back to my room.
    • The trial is still in preliminary stages, but the projects scientists are optimistic.
    • Up to 100 preliminary experiments were needed to obtain acceptable resolution.
    • It was announced that last week's paper was only a preliminary draft.
    • The news comes as the inquiry prepares to hold two preliminary meetings in York next month to discuss the format and conduct of the hearings.
    • During this time, they would prepare gravestones and do preliminary carving.
    • These laws lead to arbitrary arrests and detentions for long periods without any preliminary trial.
    • He added he believed the information he held was enough for the initiation of preliminary investigations.
    • There are several very important reasons for this preliminary arm action.
    • Harsh northern conditions demand careful and preliminary preparation of personnel.
    • A preliminary design has been prepared and is included in the safer routes to schools report to the county council.
    • Before a trial starts, preliminary data should therefore support the study hypothesis.

nombrePlural preliminaries

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    prolegómeno masculino
    let's dispense with the preliminaries and get straight down to business omitamos los prolegómenos / preámbulos y vayamos al grano
    • the preliminaries went on far too long los prolegómenos se alargaron demasiado
    • it was the preliminary to the rationalization of the industry fue el preludio de la racionalización de la industria
    • When two minds are focused on a problem, and look at the problem with similar prejudices of what is correct and what is not, conversations need no preliminaries.
    • She couldn't wait to tell the usual gang gathered for dinner at Mrs. J's, waiting impatiently until the ritual conversational preliminaries eventually played out.
    • The preliminaries were polite, but from the outset it was clear that both men were in Braehead to put on a show.
    • To return to your Honour the Chief Justice, the idea is that these preliminaries to business will be completed.