Traducción de premiership en Español:


mandato, n.

Pronunciación /prəˈmɪrʃɪp//ˈprɛmɪəʃɪp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(period)

      (de primer ministro) mandato masculino
      • Being sceptical about the polls is, of course, convenient at this phase of his premiership.
      • This must be the fastest rise to premiership of someone elected to the senate - just three days.
      • So, on the evidence of the bulk of his first premiership, what kind of political animal are we dealing with?
      • Against the odds, however, he has enjoyed the most successful three months of his entire premiership.
      • Finding a more robust role in the world is emerging as a hallmark of Koizumi's premiership.
      • The last mission of his premiership will be finding policies to neutralise both.
      • Reporters claim that he is desperately alone, at a turning point in his premiership.
      • The period of Mendès France's premiership saw the rise of the Poujadist movement.
      • There is a choice and, if he does not make it, ultimately it will wreck his premiership.
      • He has had to swallow the remains of what was once a great strategic ambition of his premiership.

    • 1.2(office)

      cargo de primer ministro masculino

  • 2

    (in England)
    the Premiership la Primera División