Traducción de preproduction en Español:


preproducción, n.

Pronunciación /ˌpriprəˈdəkʃən///


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    preproducción femenino
    (script) (before noun) de preproducción
    • The story-board is created in pre-production and is a breakdown of every shot, location and scene to be filmed.
    • Sadly for them, this film was ‘too late’ by the time it began pre-production in Italy.
    • And these pre-production facilities are the backbone of any film production.
    • During pre-production, we identified the key points that we wanted to achieve, number one being to scare the players.
    • But I was afraid during pre-production and shooting because I knew the subject of the film was a man getting close to death.
    • It was also clear early in pre-production that the new puppets were not quite as human as had been expected and that making them move realistically on screen was harder than ever.
    • The pre-production art is all stunning, although it still does not answer how this stuff is going to look in three dimensions.
    • Now if you're filming a longer feature or being paid for a project, pre-production planning is essential.
    • Also included with this pre-production unit was a small user's manual.
    • You get to see production every step of the way, from story sessions to pre-production to filming to the post-production.
    • After several pre-production meetings to get to know one another, we began filming.
    • We were over there for six weeks in pre-production and we had just began to shoot when all hell broke loose.
    • To ensure that everything and everyone will be in place on shoot day, pre-production should begin as soon as the scripts are approved.
    • We essentially spent about a year in pre-production, research, and design, and built this game in the last twelve months.
    • It is understood that another 44 employees in pre-production and production support are also set to be made redundant.
    • To start next year, we're going to tour for just a couple of months, and then we'll get back in the studio to start pre-production for the second record.
    • But this time I was in on pre-production meetings so I really felt more a part of the development of it, which was great.
    • Everywhere you looked, one musical was in either pre-production or general release.
    • It's stunning to see how quickly he adapts and figures out what must be done during this very early stage of pre-production.
    • Plenty of detail on every aspect of the film from pre-production to opening night is covered.