Traducción de preprogram en Español:


preprogramar, v.

(British preprogramme)

Pronunciación /priːˈprəʊɡram//priˈproʊɡræm/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • They perform side-by-side on a barren stage with the beats played by a preprogrammed drum machine.
    • The instrument we provide is preprogrammed for immediate operation.
    • Faucets also are available that can be preprogrammed to your desired temperature setting.
    • Being predisposed does not mean one is a helpless preprogrammed robot with no moral choice in the matter.
    • Push a preprogrammed button, which dials someone's personal ID and instantly connects you to that person's phone.
    • They had an automatic phone fitted in his office, preprogrammed to enable him to reach other numbers at the push of a single button.
    • And now we are in a position where we have clocks in all of our computers and a lot of our electronic devices which are preprogrammed to spring forward on a particular day.
    • It appears that the machines had been preprogrammed with a few hundred votes.
    • The words that they choose seem to be preprogrammed to elicit a specific reaction from the person that they are speaking to.
    • He had already preprogrammed the tactical display to show the status of their ships as well as his.
    • Quiet but not shy, he's thoughtful and intelligent, without seeming preprogrammed to promote his blossoming career.
    • A robot can be preprogrammed to fight someone with laser claws.
    • We're not blank slates and we're not preprogrammed biological robots, of course.
    • The three machines here offer up all the standard basic features, as well as a slew of other convenient functions such as the preprogrammed popcorn button (hold the salt and butter, naturally).
    • Devices of all sorts, including preprogrammed hand-held organizers, have been developed to engage audience members' intellectual curiosity.