Traducción de preschool en Español:


de edad preescolar, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpriskul//ˈpriːskuːl/


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    (child) de edad preescolar
    (education) preescolar
    • If you are camping, the one-time preschool teacher explained, her products can be easily washed with a little shampoo and then hung to dry, ready for the next morning.
    • A fence separates the preschool garden from the lawns of the hospital.
    • The promise was welcomed by Shelley Robinson from the Preschools Alive campaign, which turned preschool funding into an election issue.
    • For the Fourth of July, she baked red, white and blue cupcakes and bread for his preschool class.
    • The $169 preschool model comes with a chair low enough for a 2-year-old.
    • Ballymote Community Playgroup was established in 1986, by a group of parents who identified a need for a preschool service in Ballymote.
    • A rally on preschool funding is planned for just prior to the election in Lismore.
    • Noting that such preschool programs are often not an option due to lack of availability, the report states that availability is not the only issue.
    • St. Peter's provides preschool services and has classes for kindergarten through to sixth grade.
    • So job vacancies in kindergartens will for the first time be open to graduates who are not majoring in preschool education.
    • A child accustomed to playing with paper and crayons at home, for example, will find it comforting to discover the same crayons and paper in the preschool classroom.
    • Members of the preschool committee were on hand to explain how pre-schools in general operate and then were available for a question and answer session on early years education and the funding available to families.
    • Fourteen ladies from this area have recently completed a ten-week course in preschool childcare.
    • The Daisy Chains preschool group is now pressing ahead to make some alterations to a part of the local community centre to facilitate the new service.
    • For example, preschool education and early family support have, in randomised trials, been shown to have positive health outcomes in terms of reduced child abuse, neglect and injury, drug misuse, and teenage pregnancy.
    • She abandoned her career as a preschool teacher when she married, because that's what women did - and mostly still do.
    • Those allegations were bolstered by an archeologist's conclusion that the remains of filled-in tunnels had been found under the preschool property.
    • We describe similar findings in a large population based study, in which data were obtained from measurements routinely performed by health visitors as part of the 6 week and preschool assessment.
    • This amount, most of which comes from Heritage Canada, includes administrative and board expenses as well as preschool and after-school programs.
    • The programme needs to be delivered intensively and in both the home and preschool group.



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    jardín de niños masculino México
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