Traducción de presence en Español:


presencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈprɛz(ə)ns//ˈprɛzəns/


  • 1

    (being present)
    presencia femenino
    • The fact he could utter the word in the presence of his most deadly enemies says much about the Christian upbringing of the man.
    • From one of these old men, whose name is not mentioned here, I received the sense of having been in the presence of evil.
    • To be in the presence of someone who obviously loves his job and cares about his audience is truly unique.
    • It was moments like that when I savoured his presence, enjoyed the fact that we were together and we were happy.
    • You must then date it and sign it in the presence of two witnesses.
    • I will watch for God's presence in my life today.
    • I approached Robbie and he didn't seem to sense my presence in the room.
    • The vertebrates are characterized by the presence of a bony skeleton and a brain.
    • We would feel uneasy in the presence of someone who knew our inmost thoughts.
    • Arriving in Tripoli on 12 February 1941, he made his presence felt immediately.
    • Testing for HIV infection is usually done by detecting the presence of an antibody to the virus.
    • Burial took place in the adjoining cemetery in the presence of a large number of sympathisers.
    • We had been in the presence of a man of God, a gentle giant, a man of strong conviction astride a gentle soul.
    • Eventually they accepted the document in the presence of two witnesses and Albert was given painkillers.
    • Though she would draw immense comfort from his presence, she did not want him to see her suffer.
    • Then, oddly comforted by his presence, she starts to seek out his company.
    • She drew comfort from his presence there and his voice, the warmth in it reserved only for her.
    • Princess Margaret presented the certificate in the presence of Lady Astor.
    • Many students seem to be aware of the station's presence on campus.
    • Christ's presence on earth simply exposed the activity of these sinister forces.
  • 2

    presencia femenino
    their military presence in the region su presencia militar en la zona
    • And, campus security has responded by intensifying their security presence in these areas with some success.
    • They headed towards the police station where they knew the British army had a presence.
    • We've been putting pressure on the Government to increase the Garda presence on our roads.
    • Internally, a strong secret police had a shadowy presence in the universities and institutions.
    • The rest of the group was told to leave, returning along the same route without a police presence.
    • Most notable of all was the continued absence of any significant military or police presence.
    • You can actually see passers-by slide their eyes around the police and military presence.
    • The Metropolitan Police had a presence of 600 officers in the area to maintain public order.
    • Their main role, however, will be to reassure the public and provide a visible police presence on the streets.
    • The police presence was a deterrent to those wishing to commit petty crimes.
    • It has also increased the police presence on the streets of communities throughout the city.
    • Uganda could then justify its army presence in the region as peacekeepers.
    • He said that provided a police presence was maintained in the centre, the project could be beneficial.
    • I wouldn't object to the cameras so much if there was a police presence to crack down on other motoring offences.
    • The local public opinion about the American military presence appears to be mixed.
    • Indeed, it has been argued that a visible American troop presence weakens the royal family rather than strengthening it.
    • We have security guards now and there is a continual presence of the Metro Police.
    • Yet it remains just as true that most people feel more secure when the police have a visible presence on the streets.
    • This will ensure that a high visibility policing presence will be maintained in such areas as Shipley East.
    • Mr Youssef said that a regular and visible police presence was the best deterrent to criminals.
    • He wonders what maintaining a constant police presence in the area is costing taxpayers.
  • 3

    espíritu masculino
    • She is preoccupied with the supernatural, in this particular instance ghostly presences.
    • ‘So of course, these presences are just hallucinations,’ I said cheerfully.
    • In my time this had become two bedrooms and a bathroom with an oddly shaped passage, and anybody who slept there remarked on strange presences.
    • It was strange the way she began to feel presences.
    • Sensing a dark presence in the room is a common symptom of sleep paralysis.
    • Not all presences or hauntings are necessarily evil, he says - they may simply be lost or desperate.
    • I was overwhelmed by the reality of these presences.
    • She was feeling quite lost now, all these people talking about strange presences.
    • I had just shrugged into a light coat when I felt a looming presence at my back.
    • She interviews her for a book that she hopes will make Alison famous, but their voices on tape are often drowned out by the spirit presences that jostle around them.
    • And yes, sometimes I even hear voices or sense presences that aren't there.
    • Heads scarcely touch pillows before significant dreams and spectral presences are in attendance.
  • 4

    presencia femenino
    • Alexander has a real earthy solid presence which balances Carlos's classical technique.
    • The reassuring physical presence of a property is enough to catch many people off guard.
    • His lack of physical presence is a drawback at this level but a goal would do wonders for his confidence.
    • More importantly, unlike the other two, he made his physical presence known at both ends of the pitch.
    • We need a big fellow up front and he gives us a strong physical presence.
    • But we're only human, and we feel the need to make up for our lack of physical presence in other ways.
    • Sol is not a big talker on the field, but his physical presence and calm manner reassure others.
    • Roberts kept them wanting more with his commanding stage presence.
    • For all that, the staging will be simple, a bare set putting the focus on the performers' physical presence.
    • Short but well built, with a beard and cropped hair, the young leader has a powerful physical presence.
    • She was reassured by his solid presence by her side.
    • They have a great physical presence and they made that tell on this occasion.
    • He is still young, still a boy really, but his physical presence is already very good.
    • With his physical presence you very rarely see him beaten in the air.
    • He had a huge physical and vocal presence, dominating his area and the players around him.
    • The crowd responded with applause suitably thunderous for a woman with such commanding stage presence.
    • A good trainer and a big physical presence, he is a brave and dependable goalkeeper.
    • He's got a real physical presence - his chest is puffed up and it feels like he's taking up too much space.
    • He has genuine physical presence to augment his smooth changes of pace and direction.
    • The constable said that he found Mr Bibby to be " quite threatening just by his mere physical presence".