Traducción de presentable en Español:


presentable, adj.

Pronunciación /prɪˈzɛntəb(ə)l//prəˈzɛn(t)əb(ə)l/


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    I'd better make myself presentable before they arrive más vale que me arregle un poco antes de que lleguen
    • he's hardly presentable in polite society es impresentable
    • After another half an hour of rushing about, the place was looking quite presentable, then right on time, there was a knock on the door.
    • It was neat, paved and, if not prosperous, at least presentable.
    • You will look presentable when you want to look presentable, and today just isn't one of those days.
    • By the time we were finished, the old man's grave looked quite presentable.
    • I wouldn't say he's especially handsome, although he's reasonably good looking and presentable.
    • In fact, making people look and sound presentable is big business these days.
    • I have recently obtained secondhand copies of the books in question and they turn out to be very presentable indeed.
    • Despite her addiction, she likes to keep her apartment neat and presentable and says she tries to lead as decent a life as possible.
    • Winning is first, but not far behind is winning in a manner that is presentable and palatable to the public.
    • Ordinary kids, the type most of us have cluttering up our living rooms, are just not genetically programmed to be presentable.
    • My son wore black shoes, not his trainers, and a black shirt, but this was not presentable enough, apparently.
    • Unfortunately I can't take my dog to parties, so I need to find a nice, presentable, decent sort of man.
    • And Emma kept reminding us to put on makeup and make sure we looked presentable.
    • They simply go ahead and recruit smartly dressed, presentable presenters.
    • We managed to set up the retaining wall near the back fence and our back yard now looks a lot cleaner and presentable than it was before.
    • In short he really tried hard to make himself presentable, which he knew would help him when he called at houses selling his wares.
    • Everybody likes to be in clean clothes and to look presentable, including the migrant workers.
    • For now, I need to make myself presentable and get ready to watch the England vs. Denmark football match.
    • Almost an hour passed before Wendy felt presentable enough to leave the ladies' room.
    • When settling down in a career, one goes for a smoother, presentable look.