Traducción de preservation en Español:


conservación, n.

Pronunciación /prɛzəˈveɪʃ(ə)n//ˌprɛzərˈveɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (of food) conservación femenino
    (of specimens, bodies) conservación femenino
    (of specimens, bodies) preservación femenino
    (of leather, wood) conservación femenino
    (of building, furniture) conservación femenino
    the violin is in a good state of preservation el violín está en buen estado de conservación
    • One of the coins was in a wonderfully good state of preservation, while the other was battered and misshapen.
    • Vinyl hasn't simply become a symbol of cultural preservation or nostalgia, however.
    • Yet this is probably precisely what led to its remarkable preservation.
    • However, he admits that Calgary is lagging well behind other cities in heritage preservation.
    • The Heritage Lottery Fund is providing £104,000 towards the cost of its preservation.
    • Entire villages, thanks to careful preservation or restoration, are attractions themselves.
    • The facilities are also not able to cope with storage or preservation.
    • But it is Machu Picchu's remarkable unity and state of preservation that are so satisfying to a visitor.
    • My father is a good man and is concerned with preservation of the lakes.
    • He said the Archaeological Department would take up two forts within the State for preservation.
    • In the days before refrigeration and canning, salt was one of the only methods of food preservation.
    • As well as ensuring the long-term preservation of these buildings, the work will greatly improve access to the site.
    • Mr Wills said Terry Reilly's achievements extended well beyond the preservation of jobs.
    • The fine preservation is due to the silicification of chert in which it was embedded.
    • Unlike other fruits, it has not found a place in the market or been used in the food preservation industry.
    • Labour, new and old, cares too much about production, not preservation; so building is progress.
    • The preservation of the body through the practice of mummification was also part of this process.
    • We need to extend the season for local foods in cold climates with preservation.
    • On green space, Mr Lewis says preservation of natural heritage rates above jobs and tourism.
    • In the ancient world, herbs were valued as much for food preservation as they were for flavor.
    • The plans were almost identical to a scheme that was refused two years ago on a number of grounds, including tree preservation.
    • Some Pagans have even given up their day jobs to dedicate their time to preservation of a monument.
    • The village's unspoilt appearance and its careful preservation make it a natural choice for films set in the past.
    • Chilling or freezing was originally only available as a method of food preservation to those with a ready supply of ice.
    • It gave £3m of lottery money to the building judged by viewers to have the best claim to preservation.