Traducción de preset en Español:


preprogramar, v.

Pronunciación /priːˈsɛt//priˈsɛt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    programar (con anterioridad)
    • It is preset so it goes to your local Member, and can also be sent to your Senators as well (although you have to tick a box to add this option).
    • It may be better to keep the device's user interface simple by excluding a volume control and presetting the sound level.
    • Most people seemed to have preset notions of communism, simply that it was horrible, and they weren't interested in moving far beyond that.
    • For decades, birdwatchers have surveyed the United States by recording species in breeding season at specified stops along thousands of preset routes.
    • See, my radio is preset to hear the words of wisdom from the self proclaimed ‘King of All Media,’ Mr. Howard Stern.
    • All functions or values must be preset prior to this point.
    • Another tip is to preset an additional burner to the lowest heat setting for the simmering phase.
    • The Squid was a formidable weapon in the war against the U-boat, capable of being preset to explode at a pre-determined depth.
    • This enables users to preset a favourite water temperature.
    • A $20 programmable device lets you preset your heating and cooling systems when you're not home for as much as a 10 percent energy savings.
    • Auto Preset enables users to preset the time, temperature, and water consumption of a shower.
    • Allowable values can be preset to a valid range or to specific values as desired.
    • You can print in 100 typefaces - even Japanese, if your computer is set up to handle that - and there are 36 preset phrases to click on for instant print.
    • But much of the tension that director John MacKenzie might have generated out of this story, even if its ending was already preset, seems rendered flat.
    • The portability of the system also makes it practical for use in remote locations at larger manufacturing facilities away from tool presetting areas.