Traducción de pressurize en Español:


presurizar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈprɛʃəˌraɪz//ˈprɛʃərʌɪz/

verbo transitivo

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    Aviación Industria aeroespacial
    • The aircraft is pressurised and air conditioned in the cockpit and cargo compartment.
    • If you had your choice of any pressurized, six-passenger single-engine aircraft available today, which one would you choose and why?
    • Both the Fokker F27 and the Fokker 50 aircraft have pressurised cabins allowing them to fly above weather conditions and providing a smoother flight.
    • ‘Although aircraft cabins are pressurized, being on an aircraft is not the same as being at home,’ says Dr. Claypool.
    • If the cabin is pressurized, do not descend at a rate exceeding the value calculated by the flight engineer, and either adjust automatic pilot for descent or turn it OFF.
    • The cabin wasn't pressurized, so the pilots had to wear oxygen masks in the cockpit.
    • The alleged error - which was apparently not spotted by the aircraft's pilots - meant that the cabin failed to pressurise automatically.
    • The cabin wasn't pressurized and no one was hurt.
    • Stay off planes for at least 13 hours after diving: Even pressurized cabins in commercial aircraft can bring on decompression sickness, i.e., the dreaded bends.
    • In aircraft, pressurized to an altitude of 2,134 m, these effects would likely be enhanced.
    • When the aircraft pressurizes, it seals itself so it can't be opened, or blown open, during flight.
    • Fuselages on virtually all modern airline transports and executive aircraft are pressurized.
    • Because the Shuttle cabin is pressurized, the flute worked the same in space, with one exception: in the near-weightless environment, the flute practically held itself aloft.
    • The cabins are pressurised to 70% of the oxygen at sea level - thus, you get tipsy.
    • Fortunately for him, the engine room was pressurized with an atmosphere or the bubble might have exploded out into the room.
    • The atmosphere in the cabin is pressurized to about the same as Denver altitude.
    • The fully air conditioned and pressurised cabin can be configured for passenger transport, for mixed passenger and cargo or for all-cargo operations.
    • All they have to do is pressurize the cabin and get your box to the right place.
    • For this reason, we have pressurized the cabin by means of two superchargers, either of which will maintain correct air density in the cabin.
    • The skin expands and becomes smooth as the crew compartment is pressurised when the aircraft gains altitude.
  • 2Britanico

    • Small businesses urged the public to pressurise the government to swiftly follow the example of neighbouring countries and introduce tax relaxations for small businesses.
    • In fact, he argues, it is the standard education system which pressurises children.
    • Full disclosure postings are an effective means to pressurise vendors into producing more secure software, he argues.
    • With this pattern of play we find most of the players concentrated in a small area of the pitch, all of one team harassing and pressurising the man in possession.
    • It is vital that the clergy's attempts to pressurise politicians are rebuffed.
    • Patients, their families and relatives will also be asked to pressurise local politicians to force the Government to halt the cutbacks.
    • The ref was warning them for most of the game but ended up, with English players pressurising him, carding our guys!
    • We find people are increasingly pressurised in their jobs and we can remove the administrative heartache for many of them.
    • The more we pressurize an ordinary child to perform like a highly talented one, the greater and faster will be his/her degeneration.
    • Sadly though, our binge culture does pressurise young people into believing that inebriation is essential for enjoyment.
    • If a creditor is pressurising you for payment, it may be because the company is not aware of your financial circumstances.
    • Fortunately, the woman's parents informed the hospital that their daughter's husband was an alcoholic and was pressurizing her to sell her kidney.
    • Her manager is forever pressurising her into pushing banking products at customers and upbraiding her if she doesn't reach the expected quota.
    • Also, the media, especially television and the Internet, are full of gift ideas so that people are pressurised to start spending money long before the event.
    • The waiters were pressurising me to make a decision, so I took the easiest option and swapped the fillet steak for plain old chicken.
    • We need to pressurise the Government to raise finances not close wards.
    • This gives the family enough time to pressurize the girl and influence the nature of the statement she gives.
    • They must stop pressurising the child to perform beyond his or her capabilities.
    • We've never pressurised you into studying, and we are not at all unhappy with your marks, so why are you in such a state?
    • He reputedly felt music promoters were pressurising him to root his musical programme in the past rather than play oddities that challenge as well as entertain an audience.