Traducción de presuppose en Español:


presuponer, v.

Pronunciación /ˌprisəˈpoʊz//priːsəˈpəʊz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • The embrace of ethnic origin presupposes a source culture eager to be embraced, or one that is malleable enough for the author's fancy.
    • How can we at the same time be dutiful and unjust, since duty presupposes justice - indeed duty is justice itself, in the form of requirement and obligation.
    • Such exercises end up presupposing a continuity when it is almost certainly more productive to look for breaks.
    • Protest, however, also presupposed the possibility of improving one's condition by exerting pressure.
    • Nor is it possible without presupposing knowledge of the external world since triangulation involves each person recognising that they occupy spaces in a shared world.
    • Rather, the coherence of set theory is presupposed by much of the foundational activity in contemporary mathematics.
    • Nevertheless, our very procedure, in deriving therefrom a lawlike description of the infinite modes, presupposes the possibility of a deductive science.
    • Therefore, its operation in these markets presupposes an institutional framework that makes this operation possible.
    • They may indeed show that one can construct Frankfurt-type examples that explicitly presuppose indeterminism in which there are no alternative possibilities.
    • I have tried to present Kant's thought in a modern idiom, while presupposing the least possible knowledge of philosophy.
    • Mental predicates therefore presuppose the mentality that creates them: mentality cannot consist simply in the applicability of the predicates themselves.
    • The buyer also should estimate the expected years of truck service, which requires presupposing what the company will be doing five or more years down the road.
    • Needless to say, a consumer boom predicated on mortgage refinancing presupposes an ongoing ability to service one's mortgage.
    • Since the reverse is not true (actuality does not in the same way presuppose potentiality), an actuality is prior in definition to its correlative potentiality.
    • The guidelines for human behavior that have their source in the Bible presuppose universal applicability.
    • Now it was our duty to promote the highest good; and it is not merely our privilege but a necessity connected with duty as a requisite to presuppose the possibility of this highest good.
    • The traditional doctrine of the fall presupposed an original state of innocence for the human race.
    • Reason, according to Mead, is the search for causal continuity in experience and, in fact, must presuppose such continuity in its attempt to construct a coherent account of reality.
    • But individuality and distinctiveness presuppose coherence and unity: without them, nothing can stand on its own as an object either of admiration or contempt.
    • These presuppose a reference mass consisting of all possible instances and their use can be interpreted, under appropriate circumstances, to entail a ‘universal’ statement about all instances.