Traducción de pretend en Español:


fingir, v.

Pronunciación /prəˈtɛnd//prɪˈtɛnd/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(feign)

      (surprise/ignorance) fingir
      (surprise/ignorance) aparentar
      he pretended he hadn't seen us fingió que no nos había visto
      • he pretends he doesn't care, he pretends not to care finge que no le importa
      • they pretended to be students se hicieron pasar por estudiantes
      • she's not as stupid as she pretends (to be) no es tan tonta como quiere aparentar
      • Every spring pretends a pity for pretty, short-lived things.
      • He pretended outrage, though it was only half-hearted, exhausted as he was.
      • Even pretended disinterest can destroy thought, or pretended interest can give room for ideas to coalesce.
      • Each of us (we're men here) pretends appreciation for the way she slips from point to point.
      • No one pretends an interest: at 4 a.m. it's too late to care.
      • It pretends sympathy for them, but offers them nothing but hate for strangers.
      • We're pretending this whole love thing to save both of our careers because of a horrible mistake.
      • The disgusting picture of a woman who pretends zeal for the happiness of Africa, and is constantly employed in securing a life of misery to her own children, is a laboured work of art in his present exhibition.
      • Tory pretended disgust and turned away to avoid staring at the strawberry blonde actress.
      • Lodovico, with Brabanzio's brother Graziano, hears the wounded men: Iago, feigning to help, stabs Roderigo, then pretends horror on finding him dead.
      • He is a member who is given to anger, a member who can display anger and can pretend anger, but underneath it actually is anger, as well.
      • Her father stands, moves over to the curtains, opens them slightly and pretends some interest outside as a distraction to his answer.
      • This one turns out to be a handsome if grumpy Famous Writer for whom she pretends an interest in cars, sports and wine.
      • I am glad that he knows when to pretend fear; it might save his non-life some day.
      • Jason argued another possibility in his head; Paul could be pretending friendship in order to be close to Kirby.
      • She favoured me with another small grin and withdrew her hand, pretending an exaggerated interest in watching as her claws retracted.
      • See, I save time in the morning by not bothering to pretend surprise that the Government lies.
      • I realize that I've manipulated others, trying to draw sympathy by pretending weakness.

    • 1.2pretended past participle

      (innocence) falso
      (innocence) fingido

  • 2

    (make believe)
    let's pretend we're on a desert island vamos a hacer (cuenta de) que estamos en una isla desierta
    • let's pretend I'm the mother and you're the father mira, yo era la mamá y tú eras el papá
    • just pretend I'm not here tú haz como si yo no estuviera
    • Beth rolled her eyes at her, then put up an imaginary microphone, pretending that she was a game show host.
    • I believe that I am a complete psycho and I pretend that Chase is this forsaken love that will make me all better.
    • He threw his arms in the air pretending he was in a real game and he was the star.
    • For some reason I believed that she was going to ask me to pretend that she lived in high society.
    • Fearing the worst, he decides to pretend that Germany is still the same country his mother believes in.
    • As to what magic is all about, I was always given to the believe that magic was mostly just about bragging and pretending.
    • Imagine or pretend that you are in a beautiful spot in nature looking out over a vast horizon where a wonderful future awaits you.
    • He wants to see Catherine and wants her to pretend that they are engaged and in a fancy Milan hotel room together.
    • Sometimes, when I was playing in a football game, I would stare at Susan and pretend she came to cheer me on.
    • Francis loses both daughter and wife and constructs a fantasy life to pretend that Lisa is somehow still alive.
    • Back then I used to play games and pretend I was a secret agent and such.
    • As long as we're playing make believe, why not pretend that plot matters.
    • SNL Alumni Adam Sandler and Chris Rock do a bit where Rock pretends to be Catherine Zeta-Jones.
    • She had enjoyed slipping away into their make believe world and pretending she was the heroine.
    • When he does, will he play the party game and try to pretend the elephants aren't there?
    • You can go to land of make believe and you can pretend, but in the end you still have no friends Ted, I think this is goodbye.
    • This fantasy allows us to pretend that where we are does not matter, and that what we do daily is a minor narrative that does not count.
    • It was a huge adventure and we'd play silly games and pretend we were pirates on a quest for gold.
    • Jerry will pretend he is not a marone, because this game is a fantasy!
    • I did a lot of role-playing on the beach, pretending to be all sorts of people.
  • 3

    we've never pretended that we had all the answers nunca hemos pretendido que podíamos resolverlo todo
    • I won't pretend to give you advice no voy a pretender darte consejos
    • But it is an impostor, a sort of Toad Hall that pretends to an amplitude and height it hasn't got.
    • There is a self-styled anti-globalisation movement that pretends to the contrary.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    stop pretending! ¡deja ya de fingir!
  • 2to pretend to

    (lay claim)
    I don't pretend to any knowledge of … no pretendo saber de …
    • to pretend to the throne pretender el trono


  • 1

    (money/gun) de mentira coloquial
    (gun/money) de mentirijillas coloquial
    it's not just pretend this time esta vez no va de broma / no estoy jugando
    • I don't know why the pretend face ruined it for me, but it did.
    • The dolls are to be served a pretend lunch, so they each have their own striped chair and matching tiny teacup and plate.
    • They ride around on pretend horses while knocking coconuts together and often break into spontaneous song.
    • Then, to secure the best security scoop yet, the journo brought in pretend bomb-making equipment in his rucksack.
    • And when you say towing mannequins, is that mannequin in the sense of, say a store dummy, basically a pretend human being?
    • In the home center, children prepare a pretend picnic for an imaginary vacation.
    • We weren't marching off to conquer other countries, but to save them, for real, not for pretend purposes.
    • Pretend troops are just what we need to fight for a pretend cause!
    • It was a boring time, as Dominic had to eat pretend chocolate chip cookies, and drink tea.
    • Before we knew it, it was time to say goodnight - the pretend goodnight before the encore - so we knew there was more.
    • I can't be the only adult to play for pretend money around the Monopoly board, but at least that requires some sense of the world outside me.
    • ‘There is no point in having a pretend vote on a pretend treaty,’ he said.
    • Boys and young men with pretend guns were being given military drill and taught blood-curdling, screamed chants.
    • There would be no safe haven for them, if the West was prepared to be an equal partner (not just a pretend one).
    • At least on the streets there was no pretend law being bothered with in a pretend way, just people puffing, victimising only themselves.
    • You just become someone walking around in freedom, no longer a pretend celebrity with a wallet to be taxed.
    • Not that I'll be wiping pretend crude oil off pretend sea gulls, you understand.
    • He fondly recalls his first foray into musicals being a show about a snowman in which he had to throw pieces of paper as pretend snow.
    • If using pretend news is one of the ways these stations have chosen to save money, it's a false economy.
    • Build a fire (real or pretend depending on fire restrictions) and tell stories.