Traducción de pretension en Español:


pretensión, n.

Pronunciación /prəˈtɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n//prɪˈtɛnʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    pretensión femenino
    to have pretensions to sth tener pretensiones de algo
    • I have no pretensions to being an authority on the subject no pretendo ser / no tengo pretensiones de ser una autoridad en la materia
    • The question of noble pretension to property, privilege, and power thus emerges as the underlying problem of the old order.
    • Intelligence's pretension to being objective is a hoax because those parts of it that do not reconfirm the power structure's interests and predetermined policies are ignored and discarded.
    • By the end of that decade, any pretensions to national independence had become thoroughly discredited.
    • Another reaction to our new scientific powers is what I will call the Malthusian Pretension - that is, the pretension to the ability to predict mankind's limitations.
    • Further irritation comes from the increasing pretension to rationality that Alex's nonsense illustrates.
    • As a result, the pretension to universality is all the more justified as researchers find themselves working in decontextualized and highly formalized fields.
    • The football World Cup is gradually overtaking the Olympic Games as the leading sporting festival because it has never had much pretension to virtue.
    • Budgets were cut right back and all pretension to filmmaking disappeared.
    • This much may be expected of a state with pretensions to sovereignty and legitimacy, and certainly this much may be expected of good neighbours.
    • It's not exactly simple, but it has no pretensions to art either.
    • Member governments identified where their national interests overlapped, without any pretension to a common foreign policy.
  • 2formal

    • If grilled about it in a focus group, I'd admit that the pretensions and some of the practices of social research make me uneasy.
    • Conrad condemned the abuses of the Belgians, and he condemned a little bit of the excesses and pretensions of the English, but he saw no alternative to colonialism.
    • It's quite possibly the worst film in the series, and is certainly the most meaningless, despite its shadows of thematic pretensions.
    • With its suffocating pretensions and frequent idiocies, television has always cried out for sardonic mockery.
    • None of the leads have any pretensions of making an astute character study or biting social commentary.
    • I would also march in the streets for my right to argue against its literary pretensions.
    • Today, you have a new generation of books and authors with no literary pretensions.
    • Maybe I'll throw my literary pretensions out of the window for a while and try hurling a few oddly-shaped shards of prose in your direction.
    • The important thing is that no one with literary pretensions should be allowed near the project!
    • It's all great fun and manages some terrific gags along the way, savaging lots of Hollywood pretensions and familiar scams.
    • Despite egalitarian pretensions, America has always been split between the ruling class - and the rest.
    • More biased to on-road luxury, with no real sporting pretensions and limited off-road capability.
    • Preferably female and extremely annoying, with literary pretensions.
    • All artifice, all human pretensions and deceptions are stripped away, to the extent that the reader has to fight the urge not to avert their eyes, so intimate is what is left.
    • The pretensions and pieties of national leaders merit an outpouring of derision and scorn.
    • The only one that has been put with any force in favour of work which has no pretensions to literary or artistic merit, is that it may have a psychotherapeutic value.
    • Another teen romance with pretensions of saying something more.
    • His ideological pretensions, which justified the mass murder of political opponents, had acquired religious overtones.
    • His own daughters see through his pretensions.
    • Ellen set aside all pretensions and spoke as honestly as she knew how.