Traducción de preterm en Español:


prematuro, adj.

Pronunciación /priˈtərm//priːˈtəːm/


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    • Each amniocentesis carried a risk of miscarriage or preterm labour, and as some pregnancies needed several of these procedures the risk was not inconsequential.
    • For example, preterm multiple birth can cause a sudden and unexpected increase in need for intensive care facilities.
    • We propose that women should be informed of a small but significantly elevated risk of preterm birth and perinatal death when they conceive shortly after a birth.
    • The purpose of the serial amniocentesis is to prevent preterm labor and thereby extend the pregnancy.
    • It starts with the management of preterm labor and postdate pregnancies.
    • Smoking during pregnancy has also been linked to preterm labor and other pregnancy complications.
    • Chronically catheterized preterm fetal sheep respond to intravascular endotoxin with a tolerance type response.
    • This is the best way to protect yourself and your baby against preterm labor and delivery.
    • An excess of extremely preterm first births existed among women whose subsequent interpregnancy interval was 2-5 years.
    • Doctors have known that preterm newborn boys fare more poorly than girls, but it's not been clear why.


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