Traducción de prettify en Español:


adornar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈprɪdəˌfaɪ//ˈprɪtɪfʌɪ/

verbo transitivoprettified, prettifying, prettifies

  • 1

    (village) adornar
    (village) engalanar
    (room) adornar
    to prettify oneself acicalarse humorístico
    • He tries to rehabilitate himself in today's column: ‘Don't prettify our history.’
    • A potent feminine signifier, bustles exaggerate and prettify the rear without offering a conspicuous come-on.
    • And finally, all cultures, I suspect, idealize and prettify some forms of sin.
    • However, the opposite of cynically or insensitively dismissing people's difficulties is not prettifying their behavior.
    • Baby sister, are you done prettifying yourself yet?
    • On inspection, the colours were wrong, ditto the texture and the screws that prettified the straps.
    • It prettifies revolution, ennobles change, and gives disruption credibility.
    • He may have been prettified - and shrunk - by Mel Gibson's portrayal, but William Wallace remains one of Scotland's biggest heroes.
    • There's a tendency sometimes to paper over the emotional cracks, to smooth the corners and prettify them, to paint over the distressed finish… and that's a big mistake.
    • Even the politicians didn't prettify the situation.
    • But money from regeneration schemes often end up prettifying some parts of a city, while more deprived areas are left to rot.
    • Some York street names have been prettified over the years.
    • In the minds of many it may be prettified and romanticised, but the need for it is strong notwithstanding.
    • One wants to ask: whence comes this desire to prettify thugs and murderers?
    • Individuals may come and go but, year after year, in an all but unvarying pattern, reporters end up demonising official enemies and prettifying their own government's crimes.
    • There is no bid to prettify the objective of wanting to smash your opponents.
    • At the same time, he doesn't prettify the conditions for the people who live there.…
    • There are other many things in the city - the magnificent city castle, the newly prettified docklands area, the theatre and museum.
    • I get to leave work a little bit early today so I can run home and prettify myself.
    • This time around, the government has once again sought to prettify the figures.