Traducción de prevail en Español:


prevalecer, v.

Pronunciación /prɪˈveɪl//prəˈveɪl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (justice/common sense) prevalecer
    (common sense/justice) imponerse
    (enemy) imponerse
    to prevail over/against sb/sth prevalecer sobre algn/algo
    • Its name derives from romance, the literary form in which desires and dreams prevail over everyday realities.
    • Punjab reorganised their game on resumption and managed to prevail over their rivals.
    • Does it make sense to say that the rights of A to depasture his or her cattle shall prevail over the rights of B?
    • There are no Lycra-clad heroes swinging to the rescue; no guarantees that good will prevail over evil.
    • Your voice was heard about the booking rules so let's hope good sense and fairness will prevail over the price policy.
    • What is to be gained by letting egos prevail over common sense?
    • I think it also possible that he has such a low opinion of her that he is determined that his opinions and views shall prevail over hers.
    • Don't you think that the same capitalist nature or profit motive will prevail over those countries?
    • He was of course, feeling the paternal love which can prevail over all other emotions.
    • Their collective rights prevail over individual or corporate monopoly interests.
    • There are no questions, no wringing hands and no doubt that good will prevail over evil.
    • Abraham tries to prevail over God in the merit of having brought monotheism to the world.
    • Will they prevail over Australia and effectively raise prices over the next five years?
    • We can hope that change for the good will ultimately prevail over change for the bad.
    • The president was determined that the goal of winning the war prevail over all else.
    • Rapoport presents this method as a means to help one to prevail over an opponent in an argument.
    • The councillors are optimists and we believe that the good will prevail over evil in our Garden Town.
    • Your nation endured the blitz to prevail over an implacable foe.
    • The better team should prevail over the course of several plays, so overtime is the way to go.
    • While he admitted to contemplating suicide, he resolved to prevail over adversity.
  • 2

    (winds/sunshine) predominar
    (attitude/pessimism) preponderar
    (attitude/pessimism) predominar
    (attitude/pessimism) reinar
    (situation) reinar
    (situation) imperar
    • Villages will always win over towns because the community spirit prevails more with lesser areas of population.
    • It is, if you like, the humanitarian consequences of this legal vacuum that currently prevails there.
    • Everything feels dinky and a certain pre-war atmosphere prevails as we huddle inside, watching the rain lash at the portholes.
    • These measures would greater assist in dealing with the problems currently prevailing.
    • There, trained facilitators ensure that a positive, supportive atmosphere prevails.
    • The atmosphere prevailing in the tribal belt has thrown up a serious challenge to the secular forces.
    • My latest academic upload again points to the generally unscientific culture that prevails in academic psychology.
    • Jakarta's festive mood also prevailed in most other areas of the nation as millions of people celebrated on the day.
    • Cuba will make every effort to preserve the atmosphere of détente and mutual respect that has prevailed in that area in the past few years.
    • Others are just private murderous mafias that thrive in the atmosphere of lawlessness that prevails in large parts of the country.
    • The cynicism prevailing among the new generation deprives society of the inflow of fresh ideas.
    • A feverish atmosphere prevails at an otherwise-calm environment of the Museum complex.
    • Only when this has been set in place will we be able to assess the extent of the order that currently prevails.
    • But they warned that if no rain falls within the next two months, a crisis might prevail in the area.
    • The family home we stayed in was small, basic, clean and with a very friendly atmosphere prevailing.
    • A great atmosphere prevailed around the town in the afternoon with the amusements arcades open again.
    • After racing a wonderful atmosphere prevailed which led to an almighty sing song.
    • Natural Healing Crystals are on display in the store and a calming atmosphere prevails.
    • You will have domestic worries and an unsettled atmosphere will prevail at home.
    • As it was the final meeting of the season before the Summer break, a festive atmosphere prevailed.