Traducción de price discrimination en Español:

price discrimination

discriminación de precios, n.


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    discriminación de precios femenino
    • Information products that are less time-sensitive can exploit the time-based price discrimination approach to maximize profits over time as well as capture profit from both new and repeat customers.
    • Contributions and purchases of tie-in products effectively allow price discrimination even if different purchase prices cannot be maintained.
    • If a monopolist is going to exercise a crude form of price discrimination and set different prices for groups of consumers an obvious division might be between the Member States.
    • A traditional example of price discrimination is the practice of airlines to offer discounts to customers who ‘stay over’ at their destinations for a Saturday night.
    • Economic theory posits that price discrimination - where companies charge individuals based on their ability to pay and their value as a customer - is desirable since it makes trade more efficient.