Traducción de price war en Español:

price war

guerra de precios, n.


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    guerra de precios femenino
    • The company has been locked in a price war with other PC and computer manufacturers, which has eaten into its profits.
    • Many expect the ongoing price war among mainland PC makers to continue until at least year end.
    • The price war has also affected the prices of imported cars.
    • They fear customers will switch carriers more often, triggering a price war.
    • The company's move comes as personal computer prices continue to fall because of a price war in the sector.
    • For now, the cheap financing is mostly helping the auto giant win a price war that its weakened rivals can ill afford.
    • If you decide to build competitive advantage around price, be careful not to start a price war.
    • A petrol price war broke out today with the big supermarkets leading the way in pushing the cost of a litre back below 80p.
    • The prolonged price war is forcing rival carmakers to offer more creative come-ons.
    • So far this year sales have plummeted in the auto market, with manufacturers involved in a price war amid a sharp decrease in demand.
    • In addition to global oversupply, a vicious price war is being played out as global giants vie for market share.
    • Supermarkets and filling stations launched the latest battle in the petrol price war yesterday with a new round of cost cuts at the pumps.
    • Leading fuel companies last night joined the petrol price war unleashed by the major supermarket chains.
    • Competition in the local game-console market is expected to heat up this summer as the big brands engage in a price war.
    • The moves could spark a price war in a sector that has experienced rises in fees of around 30% over the past three years.
    • At the same time, though, he's raising fears within the industry of a price war.
    • With a price war currently raging, it remains to be seen exactly how low operators are prepared to push down prices and how long they will be maintained.
    • A good few years back two of the big supermarkets went head to head on these items in a fierce price war.
    • After a brutal price war in the late '90s, many have become more focused on the bottom line.
    • Rather than compete in an unequal price war, the firms have found niche markets to supply and have invested in research and development.