Traducción de primary care en Español:

primary care

atención sanitaria primaria, n.

(primary health care)


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    atención sanitaria primaria femenino
    atención primaria (de salud) femenino
    • Many patients also regard hospital specialists with more authority than the providers of primary health care.
    • In general, indigenous health services are more convincing at the level of primary health care.
    • Our review lends support to an increased involvement of nurse practitioners in primary care.
    • In the Australian healthcare system general practitioners provide the most accessible primary health care for adolescents.
    • Each medical university has a vice chancellor responsible for primary health care.
    • The model that has been replicated in almost all the countries is the introduction of community health workers to provide local primary health care services.
    • A variety of mental health professionals such as counsellors work in primary care.
    • The aim of this study was to identify referral pathways from primary care for women with ovarian cancer.
    • Having health insurance was associated with utilization of both primary health care and drug treatment.
    • Most of us think of the NHS as hospitals - but the bulk of healthcare is primary care.
    • He said his department was busy trying to strengthen primary health care by bringing clinics closer to the areas without hospitals or clinics.
    • Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition encountered in primary health care in the United Kingdom.
    • Explanation of risk factors and preventive options must be provided by primary care.
    • This program will not diminish the role of the local physician who provides primary health care for the child.
    • Surely primary health care should entail providing a readily accessible service with the doctors offering personal care to their own patients.
    • These plants are well known to local inhabitants who are still resorting to folk remedies for their primary health care.
    • Most patients viewed primary care as the cornerstone of their physical and mental health care.
    • Nurse practitioners are increasingly used as points of first contact in primary care.
    • Our study shows that cisapride has no place in the treatment of heartburn in primary care.
    • It may be possible to manage some of the demand for PSA testing in primary care.