Traducción de prime cost en Español:

prime cost

costo de producción, n.


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    costo de producción masculino
    coste de producción masculino España
    • Clear criteria will be introduced for charging VAT for goods and services that are sold below their prime cost.
    • The last two years saw a sharp price rise in fuels, which account for some 80 per cent of the prime cost of central heating.
    • Indirect expenses were to be distributed over the various jobs as a percentage of wages paid or prime cost.
    • According to Wright, the development of scientific costing systems in Britain can be traced back to the work of John Walker, who developed a system of allocating overheads based on prime costs.
    • In a document called ‘Report for 1943 Renegotiation ’, Sperry called it company ‘policy’ to lower the prices of its products when manufacturing experience, reflected by reduced prime costs, was gained.