Traducción de primordial en Español:


primigenio, adj.

Pronunciación /prʌɪˈmɔːdɪəl//praɪˈmɔrdiəl/


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    • I'd never been to the rainforest, that forbidding, almost mythic wilderness with its undiscovered species, primordial vistas, and exotic tribes.
    • The work resembles a sub-human primordial design nesting deep inside creation itself; it seems to come from a place billions of years old, far removed from human consciousness.
    • In short, merely pushing the question of the beginning of the universe back to some primordial quantum vacuum does not escape the problem of what brought this vacuum laden with energy into existence.
    • The evidence suggests that in its primordial phase the universe was in a highly simple, almost featureless state: perhaps a uniform soup of subatomic particles, or even just expanding empty space.
    • They are also said to represent the spiritual ark sent from the heavens that transported the eight primordial ancestors of the Dogon, who are represented on the outside of the vessel.
    • Her immense wooden sculptures refer to a primitive form of life in primordial worlds.
    • Life seems to have originated in the primordial oceans that covered the Earth four billion years ago.
    • If one considers that there was a kind of primordial instability leading to matter, space and time, then one sees that our universe is not an isolated system; it arose from something else.
    • Atmospheric water condensed into oceans and proto-life formed in the soup of primordial organic molecules, either in the early oceans or in clay or rocks within the crust itself.
    • Sometimes it has seemed difficult to separate the primordial pagan origins of holy well veneration in specific localities from the orthodox church-approved beliefs and devotional practices.
    • It was the daring of visionaries that has brought us this far - from gloomy primordial marshes to where we are today - reaching for the galaxies reaching for immortality.
    • That verse describes the initial conditions of primordial Earth: its surface was dark, covered with water, empty of life, and unfit for life.
    • Orogeny and volcanism had generally been held to be associated with the contraction of the Earth, but the continents and oceans were regarded as primordial features, fixed in their positions since the crust first formed.
    • Of course one is tempted to speculate on the primordial sound that created the universe, the om, from which, in the Indian tradition, the whole of creation emanated.
    • And from those measurements we found out that meteorites like this are a very, very primitive primordial material that can tell us about the formation of the planets because they date from planet forming times.
    • The ocean, besides symbolising primordial roots, relates to instinctive wisdom, secrets, and knowledge that lies buried within the depths of consciousness.
    • The Early Earth, scientists believe, was subjected to a bombardment by comets and asteroids, and heated to such a degree that its primordial oceans evaporated.
    • According to the science journal, Nature, we humans and the obscure worm Xenoturbella sprang from the same bit of the primordial gloop that graced our planet around half a million years ago.
    • Three pillars of the model - the expansion of the universe, the cosmic microwave background, and primordial nucleosynthesis - make it hard to imagine any credible alternative.
    • When you toy with the sanctity of that institution - as ancient, as primordial, as it is - you are shaking the core of a community.