Traducción de prison officer en Español:

prison officer

funcionario de prisiones, n.



  • 1

    funcionario de prisiones masculino
    funcionaria de prisiones femenino
    • I asked Bill a little about work as a prison officer, especially with prisoners who had been sent down for life imprisonment.
    • One hand was hand-cuffed to a prison officer; the other held a copy of Shelley's poems.
    • A vigilant prison officer has foiled a plan to smuggle a large quantity of heroin into a maximum security jail.
    • We actually have a report of one case where an inmate had sexual relationships with a male prison officer and with a female prison officer.
    • The prison officer went on to state that the intelligence applied to prisoners on the wing, not to the whole establishment.
    • The prison officer serves a sentence almost as much as the prisoner does.
    • Under special escorted leave, a prison officer in civilian clothes takes the prisoner out in an unmarked car to an approved destination.
    • On the other hand, the system may be perfectly satisfactory but the prison officer responsible for keeping observation may fall asleep on duty.
    • He was said to have been playing cards with a prison officer outside his cell when the prisoner came up and punched him.
    • However, about half an hour before he was found, he had seemed reasonably cheerful when discussing a possible transfer with a prison officer.
    • Last week a prison officer in England began a six-year jail sentence for attempting to supply heroin to inmates.
    • No-one was injured during the incident which involved a female prison officer and a Category A prisoner, the highest risk group of inmates.
    • One prison officer is filmed waking detainees by shouting down a tannoy system, blasting them with loud music.
    • He worked in all but one of the prisons in Northern Ireland as a prison officer and a physical education instructor.
    • The next crime for which I would sanction the death penalty is the murder of either a prison officer or another inmate whilst serving a life sentence.
    • A man who attacked a prison officer while in a court dock has been jailed for three months.
    • A woman prison officer at Wakefield Jail was being held hostage in a cell by a male prisoner late last night.
    • Any prison officer that becomes a serving prisoner will face difficulties.
    • I once arranged for a graduate student to go through the entire prison officer training programme at Newbold Revel.
    • One prison officer died in the break-out and six others suffered gun-shot wounds.