Traducción de pristine en Español:


inmaculado, adj.

Pronunciación /prɪˈstin//ˈprɪsˌtin//ˈprɪstʌɪn//ˈprɪstiːn/


formal, literario

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    (perfect, unspoiled)
    (whiteness) inmaculado
    (whiteness) impoluto literario
    (whiteness) prístino literario
    in pristine condition en perfecto / impecable estado
    • Really, however, it's up to us and our visitors to keep the beaches in pristine condition.
    • However, the figures must be in pristine condition - the soft chalk chips easily and it is too expensive to restore.
    • Harrington was out early in the morning when the greens were in pristine condition.
    • Clean bars of soap, pristine white seats and a little hook to hang up your bag and jacket.
    • Not fraud, exactly, but neither is it pukka science deserving of that pristine white coat.
    • Since it was out of the way of the dust, debris and workmen, it allowed Heidi to keep her hair and dress in pristine condition.
    • In addition the Town Council also ensured that the cemetery was in pristine condition.
    • At least if they remain in pristine condition, they may have a resale value to collectors in about 50 years' time.
    • The pitch is in pristine condition and it was a thrill for both teams to be able to play good hurling on such a good surface.
    • His face and once pristine white school shirt were drenched in blood.
    • He is that indecent thing, a man whose dreams not only came true ludicrously early but remain in pristine condition.
    • Her normally pristine white hair was matted and stringy and streaked with gray.
    • He never had black circles under his eyes, nary a spot, and the white coat was always pristine and uncrumpled.
    • What started as a pristine white shirt on Thursday morning was now really grimy.
    • I just kept the wonderful black and gold address book in its pristine condition as a souvenir.
    • The pristine condition of these seals indicates that they were never actually used.
    • Her eyes roamed over the coloured marker defacing the formerly pristine white walls.
    • While you may come across a 17th century object in pristine condition, the odds are against it.
    • His whites are pristine despite seven hours of food preparation.
    • Mr Minningham said that the bottle was in pristine condition, having been removed only once from its commemorative box.
    • As the morning passed the bags began to fill and the roadsides were returned to their pristine condition once more.
    • The streets might not be pristine clean but they are a lot better than they used to be.
    • The interiors of the church remain the same and have been maintained in pristine condition.
    • The quiet, unobtrusive Scot has gone about his task of having the course in pristine condition.
    • The walls were white and actually quite pristine - Reuben had never seen such clean walls before.
    • It's a hopeful sign if their wardrobes contain a pristine row of white shirts, or monochrome cashmere.
    • With its pristine white walls and hardwood floors, I was very envious of him and his place.
    • What I do know is that Muirfield is in pristine condition and has been beautifully presented.
    • Many of these shallower coral reefs are in pristine condition.
    • Remember that land once built on can never be restored to its pristine condition.
    • These factors have helped to preserve the reefs and they remain in pristine condition.
    • Jasmine returned her gaze toward the pristine white of the table cloth, her heart in her shoes.
    • He has been responsible for the pristine condition of the Liffeyside Park.
    • Salt water and alcohol were used to restore them to the sparkling, pristine condition in which they can now be seen.
    • Needless to say, the vehicle was not in its original pristine condition upon its return.
    • Sad to report, it was sold in its original box, its pristine condition signalling that it had never been opened.
    • My teeth are in good condition, pristine for a Glasgwegian, my dentist says.
    • All the defendants were dressed identically in grey jogging trousers and pristine white T-shirts or jumpers.
    • The barge itself was in pristine condition enhanced by being in full sail.
    • It has been kept in pristine condition in recent years thanks to the diligent work of the local graveyard committee.
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    prístino literario