Traducción de private en Español:


privado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpraɪvɪt//ˈprʌɪvət/


  • 1

    • 1.1(confidential)

      (conversation) privado
      (matter) privado
      (matter) confidencial
      (letter) personal
      • Each of us had to learn to cope with the loss in his own private way.
      • It went from private feelings of bitterness into a tidal wave of protest that forced its way into the mainstream.
      • Even if his visit were motivated by his private feelings, he ought to bear in mind his position as prime minister.
      • And he tells us of his grey periods, too, just as we would share our private grief with close friends.
      • Yet, again, she published a poem at odds with her most private feelings.
      • It is clear that personal attacks hurt, and he protects his private life and private feelings very closely.
      • A source of aggravation could be your temporary inability to sort out intensely private feelings.
      • She is a hunter too, but whatever her private feelings, she knows that the law must be upheld.
      • Still, it was more anger and private anguish than surprise that made her turn to look at him sharply.
      • Was I now so comfortable in a synagogue or holy site that I could let my private feelings show?
      • My mixed emotions were private, and I felt incredibly bare each time I felt the need to tell her.
      • He is expected to recall his private fears that he had been a ‘bad parent’.
      • The benches in the locker room sit up against the lockers for a more private feeling.
      • But the murder of the two ten-year-old Soham girls has sent shockwaves of grief far beyond the private agony of their families.
      • How far do private feelings and sentiments influence decisions that are intended to impact society as a whole?
      • On the one hand his patience had been delightfully rewarded, but on the other hand he had intruded on their private pleasures and had alarmed them.
      • No word on how the wife liked having her private feelings turned into a giant political display.
      • Whatever his private feelings, he came up with exactly the correct understatement for the Cenotaph.
      • A world where private feelings are private and even very old friends and colleagues call each other by title and surname.
      • It flourishes on the back of faxes and in the margins of copybooks, doodles reveal a billion private boredoms.

  • 2

    • 2.1(restricted)

      (showing) privado
      private hearing vista a puerta cerrada femenino
      • they married in a private ceremony celebraron la boda en la intimidad
      • [ S ]private privado
      • There were no interviews inside the hotel, the press was told by handlers: this was a private function.
      • Later, however, he admitted that regular private functions (probably at least once a week) would not be so quiet.
      • I was once working a private function, and four of us were slammed with about 150 cars arriving at the same time.
      • Weddings, party nights and private functions already booked will now have to be rearranged.
      • Under 18's will only be permitted in a pub after 9pm for private functions at which meals are served.
      • The group will travel this Saturday to Goresbridge, Co Kilkenny, to attend a private function.
      • We were in the beer garden outside a pub on the Thames, and there was a private function in a sectioned off part of the ‘garden’.
      • While plans are still at an early age, MSPs have ruled out the use of any space for private functions such as parties or weddings.
      • The group is available for private functions by arrangement with Mr Powell.
      • There was a private function on but I thought I could just mingle in.
      • The hall is owned by Braintree Council and is let out for private functions.

    • 2.2(for own use, in own possession)

      (secretary/road/lesson) particular
      (income) personal
      for her private use para su uso personal
      • with private bathroom con baño privado
      • private property/land propiedad privada
      • a private hotel un hotel particular
      • a gentleman of private means un señor que vive de las rentas
      • The road was once a private avenue and belonged to the Church of Our Lady of Health.
      • In February two Scots were jailed for a total of ten years in France after they were caught using a private plane to smuggle drugs into Scotland.
      • It's a facility that's widely used and currently caters for several private planes.
      • The prank revolved around Michael getting on a private plane only to find out it was falling apart.
      • I heard one guy say today that he thinks he enjoyed coming here just because he had a private plane to bring him.
      • In fact, in Australia, fewer women belong to private golf clubs now than they did 20 years ago.
      • The present complex features a restaurant and a lodge with eight beautifully equipped bedrooms with private facilities.
      • Darknets are gated communities that run on the Internet but are open only to those who belong to the private network.
      • He assures me this is one of the safest private planes ever built.
      • They fly around on a 757 and burn more fuel than most average private planes!
      • He was forced to relinquish his share of a private plane.
      • I am rather amazed that anyone questions the right of people to invite whom they choose to their private parties.
      • Had they chartered a private plane to fly them en masse to Edinburgh?
      • For golfers who belong to private clubs, getting a handicap is routine.
      • All cabins with full private facilities, including air conditioning
      • About a month ago I flew into Amsterdam with them, on this tiny private plane.
      • The Mexican authorities demanded she be put on a private plane, while the Brazilians booked her on a regular commercial flight.
      • So I take all sorts of planes, from private jet to EasyJet.
      • But the reason not everyone has a helicopter or a private plane is only partly the expense and inconvenience.
      • For at least the first ten years of my life he kept a private plane.
      • Well-maintained private resort facilities are also available around the CTR.

  • 3

    • 3.1(not official)

      (visit/correspondence) privado
      a private citizen/individual un particular
      • the President sent a private message of sympathy el Presidente mandó una nota personal de condolencia
      • the bishop acted in a private capacity el obispo actuó a título personal
      • their private life su vida privada
      • in private life she's completely different en la intimidad es totalmente distinta
      • In a moment, the word was flashing across radio and TV nets to military officials and private citizens.
      • Despite his poor health, the pontiff has a busy agenda, with regular public appearances and private audiences.
      • Israel encourages concealed-carry of handguns in public by private citizens.
      • If he wants you to act a poor man, a cripple, a public official, or a private person, see that you act it with skill.
      • These are issues that Bulgarian public servants and private citizens must address.
      • All our funding is matched by money from public or private partners and the local community is heavily involved in the decision-making.
      • Thus we each live a double life: equal public citizens and atomistic private individuals.
      • In Texas a single faculty member spoke through the public media as a private citizen.
      • Great effort is made to show both the public and the private man - the mortal life behind that immortal name.
      • Legislation in all states covers public as well as private employees.
      • Anyone can access it: companies big and small, public institutions and private individuals.
      • The achievement of these goals depends on cooperation by public and private leaders.
      • I am disturbed that under this new parliament we are seeing a private individual buying public opinion.
      • Every individual should also be able to ascertain which public authorities or private individuals or bodies control or may control their files.
      • This is rubbish - people are quite prepared to chip in as private individuals to public monuments that they support.
      • In 1856 he took up a position as a private tutor close to Washington and he often travelled to that city to study mathematics in the libraries there.
      • The public fall of a private person is nothing new in our age or any other.
      • Future revenue would be paid to private individuals, and public spending would be financed by income tax.
      • A not-for-profit trust will not achieve savings if it uses private builders and public workers.
      • If memory serves me right DN1 belonged to a private car owner who bequeathed the number plate to the City of York.

    • 3.2(unconnected with the state)

      (school) privado
      (school) particular
      (school) de pago España
      (ward) reservado
      (patient) particular
      private health care servicio médico privado masculino
      • private health insurance seguro médico privado
      • to be in private practice (in US) ocuparse de asuntos civiles
      • private prosecution querella
      • the private sector el sector privado
      • Still, private industry may yet take some cues, and then develop that beyond what the institute can do on its own.
      • Should you stay in the public system or go private with your medical insurance?
      • I was at Harrow County grammar where I'd arrived two years earlier from a private prep school to be bullied because my accent was too posh.
      • The problem is that some powerful lobby groups seem dead set against new technologies just because they are new, and promoted by private industry.
      • In fact this was nothing more than a way of deflecting criticism away from the state while at the same time providing profits for private industry.
      • The Government is to tap private industry in an effort to build trade links and swap skills with the world's poorest countries.
      • You could even take the concept into private industry: Ramadan Inn has a ring to it.
      • I came into politics from private industry; and the government could learn a lot about cutting costs.
      • Milburn also announced a major extension of private treatment within the NHS.
      • Thank goodness we had a bit of money put by and were able to pay for private treatment.
      • This is all very well for those who can afford private treatment but millions of people can't.
      • Planned economic growth was accompanied by the socialization of agriculture and of private commerce and industry.
      • Not to worry, Miller will sort out private industry, those economy wreckers and get us down to 5 cents a gallon for gas.
      • I do not see signs of significant sums coming from private industry.
      • Bupa and several other companies offer private medical healthcare and are worth considering.
      • Meanwhile the other part of their Party wants to change our NHS for a system of compulsory private medical insurance.
      • Pretty soon you'll have to pay royalties for your thoughts benevolently loaned to you by private industry.
      • But more business doctoral grads are entering private industry rather than academia.
      • Finally, he faced the embarrassment of being asked to pay for private treatment.
      • It also gives some idea of the high cost of private medical treatment in this country.
      • The patient was unable to afford the full cost of private treatment and was told that he would have to be denied the drug.
      • It will roll out in the remaining private industries before the end of the year.
      • Here we take a look at nursery schools in the state and private education systems, as well as community projects run by other parents.
      • The CFS feels that part of the problem lies with the transfer of the CSLP to a private service provider.
      • Citizens are asking for the same level of service from government that they get from private industry.
      • Getting private treatment for infertility can be very expensive, and there is no guarantee it will be successful.
      • Setthapol was nominated and elected by the more than 20 committee members who all belong to the private business sector.
      • Key details of what proportion of costs will be met by the taxpayer and by private industry have yet to be finalised.
      • So in fact there is a choice for the very rich to jump the queue: Pay for treatment in the private US system.
      • So it turned to private industry to provide the extra manpower needed to implement the program.
      • The development would be in two stages and would consist of commercial, public and private services.
      • The problem is compounded by the ban on general practitioners giving private prescription to their NHS patients.
      • Hospitals, NHS or private, would charge insurers for their services.
      • And Hewitt has not relented on diverting billions of pounds from NHS trusts to private treatment centres.
      • NHS treatment is attractive to patients because the charges are lower than private treatment, sometimes significantly.
      • But that case does not assist in deciding whether the private service provider is itself amenable to judicial review.
      • The dental hospital is the last resort for those are can't find a dentist to treat them on the NHS and cannot afford private treatment.
      • Both also have private practices and perform infertility treatment at the private Assuta Hospital and Herzliya Medical Centre.
      • She said the arrest involved only shares belonging to private shareholders but refused to elaborate.
      • Yet if you were taken ill in the United States, for example, the cost of private medical treatment could be ruinous.

  • 4

    • 4.1(personal, inward)

      (thoughts/grief/doubts) íntimo
      time is set aside for private study se establecen ciertas horas para que cada uno estudie por su cuenta
      • it's a private joke between us es un chiste que los dos entendemos

    • 4.2(retiring)

      (person) reservado
      • The extraordinary thing is that this man with an opportunity to be paraded about in the public eye has chosen to remain private.
      • She was a private person, often revealing herself more in her drawings than in anything she said.
      • What and how you think should be private unless you choose to share it.
      • However, the reason is intensely private: I choose to protect my melancholy object by not naming it publicly.
      • Friends recall him as a private man, a man who did not often reveal his feelings.
      • My mom chooses to be more private, and she lives in the western part of the United States.


  • 1

    soldado raso masculino
    Private Jones el soldado Jones
    • He later enlisted as a private in the Royal Tank Corps, before being transferred back to the RAF.
    • Even a third class pilot had more power than a private in the army.
    • It observes the privates and lance corporals of the army, as well as its generals and marshals.
    • Of those sentenced to death, one was a former army private, one a former police commando and the third a serving army major.
    • Rumor has it that an Army Air Corps private died on the site where this building was constructed.
    • He enlisted in the Army in 1980 and was first assigned as a young private as a supply clerk in Germany.
    • Kind of a weird topic to discuss over dinner, if you ask me, but I am a lowly private without rank or feelings.
    • He was stopped outside the camp and told the private that the Colonel was expecting him.
    • One of the key components of infusing warrior ethos and training core warrior tasks and drills is limiting the ratio of privates to drill sergeants.
    • In fact, the Army private did get to see his father in uniform - and in action, though it was ever so brief.
    • It has 3000 soldiers, including privates, sergeants and officers.
    • There is also a significant difference between an Army private from West Virginia and a deposed dictator.
    • At Fort Knox, the Armor Center trains troopers, tankers, and leaders from privates to colonels - over 20,000 a year, as a matter of fact.
    • It is essential to grow leaders from private or lieutenant to command sergeant major or general.
    • Carson sent another private to ask permission to leave their weapons with the Raiders and try to get to one of the submarines.
    • Abroad, the death of an army private has been followed by the murder of five innocent civilians.
    • A military investigation found the soldiers responsible for wounding a female private.
    • As before, the Korean War recipients ranged from privates to lieutenant colonels, with nine army men and three Marines represented.
    • And we have privates in the Army Reserve who have PhDs, as well as all of the medical providers here as part of our theater support command.
    • He enlisted as a private in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1900 and was commissioned a year later.
  • 2privates plural
    coloquial, eufemismo

    partes pudendas femenino eufemismo humorístico
    intimidades femenino eufemismo humorístico
    • That is like believing that if you flick the privates of a rabid pit-bull it won't attack you.
    • Yup, there's actually thousands of mentally abnormal people out there flashing their privates and ‘performing provocative poses’.
    • Its front cover shows a naked man aggressively clutching his privates, while the inner sleeve has an array of expletives and sexual suggestions.
    • Men, keep your hands away from your privates when viewing this, ok?
    • One day I am going to snap because of some animal suddenly rubbing my privates with its face.
    • I think I'd actually rather flash my privates than appear in public in creased clothing.
    • It's downright sneaky of them to hang out there with their privates exposed.
    • ‘Hey, gimme that,’ says the second kid protecting his privates.
    • Obviously, naming our privates is a matter of personal taste.
    • The technician fumbles with my privates like it's no big deal.