Traducción de private company en Español:

private company

sociedad privada, n.


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    (que no cotiza en Bolsa) sociedad privada femenino
    • We had a great reputation as a private company and I want the same reputation as a public company.
    • This will be no surprise to anyone who has observed the award of contracts in the public sector to private companies.
    • In particular, shares in a private company can pass through an estate without probate.
    • It explains that insurance companies and other private companies are working with Medicare to offer the plans.
    • It has contracted a private company to draw up a business plan for a raft of improvements at the site which is expected to be completed by next summer.
    • Forbes uses the value of publicly traded shares and private companies to obtain its figures.
    • It is indeed the basis of the distinction made in the Act between a public company and a private company.
    • We argue that buying a private company is more risky than buying a public one.
    • Do we really want private companies deciding what the public is entitled to know?
    • This practice is prevalent in private companies as well as public sector companies.
    • The parties agree that there is more than one possible approach to such a valuation of shares in a private company.
    • Her guns were made by a private company with a legal monopoly on the gladiatorial gun market.
    • That said, there are private companies that are subcontracted to operate speed cameras.
    • These will be used to enable private companies involved in health and education to comply with public sector standards.
    • The consultant advised that the project be franchised out to a private company through public tender.
    • In private companies all significant shareholders can expect to be directors of their company.
    • The mass mail delivery was part of a campaign by Unison against the increasing use of private companies in public services.
    • Under a 30-year concession, a private company will operate and maintain the highway.
    • A private company with a vital public role had been given extended use of the public purse to continue doing a bad job.
    • The only concern is that the funds involved might be tilted towards one director in a small private company.