Traducción de privileged en Español:


privilegiado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈprɪv(ə)lɪdʒd//ˈprɪvəlɪdʒd/


  • 1

    (having advantages)
    (position) privilegiado
    for the privileged few para una minoría privilegiada
    • Clearly, the old boy networking and advantages of the privileged classes have not yet been expunged.
    • The masses will gain self-esteem and leaders are forced to take decisions that are also beneficial to the masses and do not in the first place safeguard the privileged position of the elite.
    • Their complaint that they fight a daily battle to challenge the hegemony of the elite contrasts with their six-figure salaries and privileged academic positions.
    • We are in the privileged position now of having the knowledge and the technology to make a difference - but the longer we leave it, the faster our options evaporate.
    • It put the onlooker in the position of a privileged eavesdropper, able to pick up every nuance of an intensely private exchange.
    • Yet the truth is that for every jock arraigned for a felony or misdemeanour, there are a multitude of good men utilising their privileged positions for the benefit of society.
    • What I desire is a politician who is comfortable enough with himself and honest enough with me to enjoy his success, wealth and privileged position.
    • Under Objective One status, the county would have enjoyed a more privileged position when it came to netting financial bonuses such as EU grants.
    • So, whatever relaxation is for you, I think that this Easter we should acknowledge that we are in a privileged position, not to take our lives for granted, and to embrace this feeling of relaxation.
    • The 35-year-old said his charity gifts were his way of paying back a debt for abusing his privileged position as a highly-paid top-level footballer.
    • But his privileged textual position of a witness grants him immunity.
    • One advantage of Rayleigh's privileged social position was that he did not need an academic post to earn his living.
    • And, invariably, the cause of this schism is a form of belief that has been granted a privileged place in debate, beyond rationalism and beyond argument: religion
    • But there's a defeating silence how we can use this privileged position to help the majority world, who shoulders the real burden of disease.
    • It's time this country and the world in general got their priorities right and stopped heaping honour on already privileged individuals.
    • Evolutionary biology enjoys a privileged position at the core of this belief system because it offers explanations about why and how humankind originated.
    • The difference is whites will still have the advantages of their previously privileged lives.
    • He started off as a lower middle class child, and he now sees it as his divine right to dangle his material status as some sort of privileged position above all others of lesser material wealth.
    • I feel very advantaged and very privileged to have grown up with parents as great as mine.
    • He retained that interest throughout his long life and felt very privileged when the honour of Club president was bestowed on him.
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    to be privileged to + inf tener el privilegio / el honor de + inf
    • I was privileged to witness … tuve el privilegio de ser testigo de …
    • I have been honoured and privileged to have served my leader and served Northern Ireland.
    • We are honoured and privileged to have been chosen, particularly as we are a small, family business.
    • A portrait of Sean was also unveiled, and the Mayor said he was privileged to have the opportunity to honour a great Newry man.
    • I am honoured and privileged to take part in the celebrations in Thailand for the fourth time as ambassador of Norway to Thailand.
    • He felt honoured and privileged to be the leader's favourite.
    • She was honoured and privileged to accept the award on behalf of the people of Westport.
    • A human being I, and countless others, are privileged and honoured to have been able to call ‘friend’.
    • He was very privileged to be chosen for the competition.
    • Manchester United's ambition is to assume greatness by winning several times a competition that Rangers are just privileged to be part of.
    • Tom, who is one of the youngest members of the club, said he was honoured and privileged to have been elected to serve as President for the next year.
    • I am very honoured and privileged to have been asked and I do respect her greatly.
    • The Committee is honoured and privileged to have such a fair and objective Chair.
    • ‘We are privileged to be associated with this competition which is endorsed by the Department of Education and Science’.
    • Representing the County manager, he said he felt privileged to be present at such an event in honour of young people from the county.
    • I feel very privileged and honoured to have received this award.
    • I feel really privileged and honoured to be his brother.
    • Today we honour the Unknown Warrior, and I was privileged to take part in the service this morning at the cathedral and the interment this afternoon at the National War Memorial.
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    (document) confidencial
    • This is privileged information between lawyer and client.
    • Legally privileged information obtained by a source is extremely unlikely ever to be admissible as evidence in criminal proceedings.
    • Without claiming any privileged sources of information, I doubt that these are more than contributing factors.
    • Its Chief Executive illegally sold shares when in possession of privileged information about an impending price crash.
    • No universal rule can be laid down, but often an expedient can be used to provide reasons without revealing confidential or privileged evidence.
    • This means that they are not bound by the constraints of the data protection act or any other laws that protect medical or other privileged information.
    • I want to make it clear that there is a distinction between secrecy and privileged information, or incriminating oneself.
    • We have indicated our concern at the extent of privileged information that was being passed to the Racing Organisation.
    • In some United States jurisdictions it's accepted into evidence, but it can be cross examined, and it basically has no privileged evidence status.
    • Business people do not profit from their work until they create something that has commercial value, which often comes from exploiting privileged information.
    • In every instance, the speaker is asked to articulate that which is most difficult to reveal; the privileged topic, of course, is sex.
    • It was dealt with under the defence of fair reported judicial proceedings - the case, the name of which will come to my mind in a moment - and it was found that it could not be protected as privileged.
    • It may be possible for a few experts, or those with privileged access to new information, to buy and sell stock with above-average success.
    • As introduced, the bill required tax advisers to provide a statutory declaration of information contained in a privileged document.
    • For all of its many virtues, this literature has generally privileged issues of rights and citizenship over commerce and sociability.
    • The authors argue that the pull for psychology, including community psychology, to be scientifically respectable, has privileged facts over values.
    • Huntsman Cancer Institute wishes to promote open communication while protecting confidential and/or privileged information.
    • I regard the present case as one in which the claimant is seeking to protect the confidential and privileged document, namely the original report.
    • Malicious individuals can exploit these web-based applications to gain access to privileged information.
    • Try creating your opponent's lineup based on the privileged inside information you possess about your team.