Traducción de pro-European en Español:


proeuropeo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌproʊˌjərəˈpiən/


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    • And unlike the Christian Democratic Union, which has the legacy of Helmut Kohl to fall back on, the SPD has lacked pro-European credentials.
    • And Mr Brown, who cautiously backed Mr Blair's pro-European calls, will today meet the bosses of the pro-euro Britain in Europe campaign.
    • Even mild-mannered pro-European David Curry - no doubt livid that a divisive European referendum would now be called - stuck the boot in.
    • With respect to Europe, the Berlusconi government has essentially continued Italy's pro-European line.
    • There is a vacuum where pro-European arguments should be.
    • He said that the ‘modern long-term and deep-seated pro-European consensus in Britain about Britain's role in Europe and Europe's role in the world can and will be built’.
    • They also focused in on Kennedy's avid pro-European policies.
    • Labour must come clean as an unequivocally, unambiguously and patriotically pro-European party.
    • Men are more pro-European than women while the media appears heavily to influence people's attitudes.
    • Meanwhile, the current, pro-European position of the Labour Party, which abandoned its policy of quitting the EU in the mid-1980s, is unpopular.
    • A pro-European Labour source said: ‘This is about educating our party members.’
    • He has also worked for pro-European referendum campaigns in Poland and Hungary.
    • At some point they understood you can win elections with pro-European politics, because voters feel that will improve their living standards.
    • But he gave no concession to former Chancellor and pro-European Ken Clarke over changing the party's current opposition to joining the European single currency.
    • Tony Blair will be forced to shelve the controversial European constitution treaty if the French reject it today, with leading pro-European allies declaring they will abandon the fight.
    • He is pro-European Union and pro-US - neither of which fit easy with the claim that he is still a fascist.
    • They also expressed a readiness for keeping the pro-NATO and pro-European Union accession policies.
    • An astonishing majority of Scottish voters cast their vote for candidates and parties running on pro-European tickets.
    • On November 22, Short directly linked her anti-US remarks with a pro-European position.
    • No Italian government was more assiduously pro-European.


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