Traducción de pro-life en Español:


pro-vida, adj.

Pronunciación /proʊˈlaɪf//prəʊˈlʌɪf/


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    • Abortion clinics opened and did a thriving business, even in the face of much pro-life mayhem.
    • When extremist pro-life individuals and groups burn down abortion clinics, is that not an act of terrorism?
    • I don't think it was pro-life propaganda, but I do believe that it could be easily used by pro-life propagandists.
    • Therapeutic cloning is backed by medical charities and the government but opposed by pro-life groups.
    • This problem of the efficacy of natural law is strategically important to the pro-life movement.
    • If pro-life activists get their way and abortion is once again made illegal, my life along with many others could be ruined.
    • Even some members of the pro-life movement found the organisation's behaviour disturbing.
    • I would not argue for the pro-life position based on this, because you don't know.
    • Roberts is a devout Catholic and is married to an ardent pro-life activist.
    • During the 1980s a militant wing of the pro-life movement had attempted to close clinics by direct action.
    • Over the last six months, I have had numerous conversations with pro-life democrats.
    • The support of violence is not compatible with being in the pro-life movement.
    • It continues to amaze me how the same organizations that are pro-life are maddeningly pro-capital punishment.
    • In refusing to deal with these questions, feminism has become an ally of the pro-life movement.
    • The pro-life movement does not hide behind deceptive language but rather sheds light on the truth.
    • Their opposition to a pro-life referendum in the Republic displays this.
    • His comments are likely to stir opposition from pro-life groups, who say it is unethical to create an unborn child for research.
    • The pro-life movement will inform the European Union of anything which we do not think is ethical.
    • I believe what accounts for this is the purity of the pro-life movement's cause.
    • My parents have been involved in the pro-life movement for decades.