Traducción de probabilistic en Español:


probabilista, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌprɒbəbɪˈlɪstɪk//ˌprɑbəbəˈlɪstɪk/



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    • The structure of scientific explanation: deductive and probabilistic explanation.
    • It is interesting that the probabilistic model is a model not of a physical phenomenon, but of another piece of mathematics.
    • We duck if we see something about to hit us and we do not undertake a formal probabilistic risk assessment before we cross the road.
    • The surprise caused by this puzzle can be expressed in probabilistic terms.
    • Maps of probabilistic risk give an idea of the underlying statistical uncertainty, as is done in calculating insurance risk.
    • He no longer insists on indefeasible knowledge, now settling for probabilistic arguments.
    • One of the main reasons that these decisions can constitute a psychological burden is that they must be made based on uncertain, probabilistic data.
    • According to the theory of probabilistic mental models, the decision to choose one response over the other is based on the testing of contextually relevant cues.
    • Admitting an applicant with high grades, then, is a probabilistic judgment based on the group to which he belongs.
    • The risks put those tasks on a probabilistic critical path with an associated probability.
    • Indeed, contemporary physics tells us the actual world abounds with probabilistic processes that are causal in character.
    • Around this time Menger's interests in mathematics broadened and he began to work on hyperbolic geometry, probabilistic geometry and the algebra of functions.
    • This is an attractively written systematic exposition of the basic probabilistic methods of congestion theory.
    • The algorithm relies on probabilistic modeling of data and seeks idealization that has a maximal likelihood.
    • But the same comment applies in any situation we think of as probabilistic (either the coin will come down heads or it won't).
    • Given that we exist in a probabilistic universe, one cannot say that anything absolutely will happen.
    • Plant fate maps are thus more probabilistic and are based on indirect methods.
    • The time to resume operations is a key datum in probabilistic risk assessment.
    • Indeed, agent causation is consistent with its being the case that probabilistic laws of nature apply as thoroughly to human beings and their behavior as such laws apply to anything else.
    • Extrapolations are logical and centered on lessons to be learned, rather than based on statistical, probabilistic rules.