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probation officer


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    asistente social que se ocupa del seguimiento de la persona en libertad condicional
    • With a degree in political science and criminology, he became a probation officer in Florida.
    • The accused testified that she worked well with her probation officer.
    • She was found guilty and the case was postponed to September 11 for a probation officer's report and sentencing.
    • The suggestion by the probation officer should have been disregarded, as there is no basis for that opinion from a non-expert.
    • It seems stupid to me to miss an appointment with your probation officer if that's going to land you in jail.
    • When the writings were found by his parents, they turned them in to his probation officer and he was arrested.
    • In 1974, his wife complained to a probation officer of X's conduct; he was arrested and taken back to the same hospital.
    • Treatment was usually imposed as a condition of supervision by a judge or the probation officer.
    • In a bid to kick the habit, he missed appointments with his probation officer knowing he would be sent back to jail where he could get the help he needed.
    • It is noted that both the probation officer and the debtor are professionally part of the criminal justice system.
    • Neither probation officer recommends release on parole and the panel agreed with this assessment.
    • At the time he saw the probation officer the appellant was still seeking to suggest that the victim was a consenting party.
    • Disciplinary action was taken immediately and the probation officer was informed.
    • The probation officer reports for your current review, that there is nothing in your attitude or circumstances that leads her to feel that anything has changed.
    • He said that in his last visit with his probation officer she had said that he didn't need to come back.
    • He admitted his involvement on his second visit to his probation officer and thereafter failed to receive a visit from his supervising officer.
    • He is also banned from several council offices except when he is accompanied by his probation officer or an official from Shelter charity for the homeless.
    • The probation officer provided a report to the Parole Board.
    • We do not want a sex offender to be allowed out on supervision undertaken by a probation officer during the term of his or her imprisonment.
    • Offenders supervised at these levels were required to meet with their probation officer at least once a month.