Traducción de proboscis en Español:


probóscide, n.

Pronunciación /prəˈbɑsəs//prəˈbɑskɪs//prəˈbɒsɪs/

nombrePlural proboscises, Plural proboscides

  • 1

    (of insect, elephant)
    probóscide femenino
    • For example, some flowers that look white to us sport ultraviolet markings, showing butterflies exactly where to land and insert the proboscis for nectar.
    • On the underside of the head is the paired proboscis, which is used to suck nectar from flowers.
    • When the hawk moth proboscises were long compared to the length of the flower tube, the hawk moths did not efficiently pick up pollen, and the flowers did not reproduce well.
    • Darwin realized that when a moth with pollen masses stuck on its proboscis visited the next flower, the bent-over pollen mass would be aligned for perfect delivery onto the new flower's stigma.
    • Its proboscis, which looks like a nose but is actually the longest mouthpart of any known fly, protrudes as much as four inches from its head - five times the length of its bee-size body.