Traducción de processional en Español:


procesional, adj.

Pronunciación /prəˈsɛʃ(ə)n(ə)l//prəˈsɛʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    • For instance, the processional route of the ambulatory, along which the cross is carried into the church, also acts as a shortcut from the restaurant to the foyer of the auditorium, which is also the lobby for the guesthouse.
    • Thus, whereas parish churches are of very diverse architectural styles, their interior arrangements are generally 19th cent., and reflect a desire for both processional space and a focus on the altar.
    • Two processional routes will tour the city, one beginning at the Brigadier Gerard in Monkgate, another at The Golden Ball, in Cromwell Road, at 2.30 pm.
    • Any of these late-medieval processional crosses can be experienced as an example of craftsmanship in wood and metal, like a Faberge egg, or considered in terms of its design and the interplay of its various components.
    • English Heritage has been closely involved in the design of the repaving scheme, which gives priority to pedestrians and continues an award-winning theme already in place in Kirkgate - the processional route to the cathedral.
    • Utzon was clearly conscious of the symbolic significance and emotional impact of a religious processional ascent.
    • For the coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937, the processional route had been made longer than before.
    • After attending a festive celebration at one suburban parish, he sent a note to the pastor, telling him to place a corpus on the processional cross and to reconfigure the tilt of the altar to conform to church rubrics.
    • Their haul included golden crowns, precious chalices, tabots, altar slabs, beautiful processional crosses, dozens of fine manuscripts and his hair.
    • I like the Magny Cours circuit quite a lot, probably more than many drivers who say it's a modern and boring processional track.
    • The ordinary processional route began within the enclosed space of the choir and moved outward to encompass the length of the nave and baptistery in the west end before circling back toward the choir.
    • The display brings together alms basins, processional crosses and staves as well as plate for the celebration of communion.
    • When the historic house and gardens reopens next week visitors can for the first time take the grand processional route used by guests of Bess of Hardwick when she completed work on the house in the late 16th century.
    • The gate at the center may allude to one of the two imperial gates along the processional route by boat between the Blachernai Palace, primary residence of the Komnenoi since the late eleventh century, and Hagia Sophia.
    • The dominant theory continues to be that they were processional routes - which is more likely, of course, to be true for the longer examples.
    • She called on Scotland's politicians to live up to its transparent and welcoming design and to the expectations of the country's people, thousands of whom lined the processional route through Edinburgh.
    • Most processional crosses of that vintage are cast in bronze or silver.
    • The Baroque section features religious sculpture, including processional figures, ritual liturgical objects and private devotional altars.
    • From its progress through the forest, the processional approach route eventually opens out into a clearing to reveal the main funerary hall attached to a row of family chapels.
    • But no, he is lifting the crown toward the processional cross that a cardinal is holding at the exact center of the canvas, just before placing it on his wife's head.