Traducción de processor en Español:


robot de cocina, n.

Pronunciación /ˈprɑˌsɛsər//ˈprəʊsɛsə/


  • 1also food processor

    robot de cocina masculino
    multiusos masculino
    procesador de alimentos masculino
  • 2

    procesador masculino
    unidad de proceso femenino
    • We were gently rebuffed - There's got to be an Intel processor inside the machine, see.
    • The sweet-spot for the new line will be about 200 processors per computer, Conway said.
    • If it won't run on serial processors, then where is the parallel machine that it will run on?
    • As expected, the Mac maker announced today that it will next year start phasing Intel processors into its computer line.
    • The chip uses a new silicon layering process with multiple processors in the one chip.
    • Socket T moves the pins that connect the processor and motherboard from the former to the latter.
    • Intel also introduced a pair of new processors for two-way machines.
    • Mainboards for AMD processors come in a red box and those for Intel in a blue one.
    • Two of the claims, covering network processors and digital video chips, will be investigating in the current hearing.
    • Neither Compaq nor IBM have any business PCs or laptops based on AMD processors.
    • The machine has 720 processors and is currently ranked as the 16th most powerful computer in the world.
    • The industry is used to doubling the speed of processors and the cost of them every 18 months.
    • Intel has already introduced model numbers for its desktop and notebook processors.
    • That's not uncommon with new processors, but the motherboard vendors' solution to the problem is unusual.
    • As yet the new machines' processors are not known, beyond the generic G4 classification.
    • Moving to a 256-bit instruction set means a processor can do twice as much work per MHz.
    • So over the next few months, Intel will continue to ramp the clockspeed of its processors.
    • Intel will, on the same date, formally introduce its flip chip 1GHz processors in two flavours.
    • What PC World is actually doing is selling a laptop with a desktop processor in it.
    • He said that there was little profit to be had, for Intel, outside it's core business of selling computer processors.