Traducción de procurator fiscal en Español:

procurator fiscal

fiscal, n.


  • 1

    (in Scotland)
    fiscal masculino
    • Amazed, Collins contacted the procurator fiscal's office in Haddington and was told the tapes did exist.
    • A report is being submitted to the procurator fiscal after a vehicle was ‘unlawfully removed’ from an address in Kirkwall on Tuesday night.
    • In two road death cases, the procurator fiscal failed to order mandatory fatal accident inquiries.
    • A spokesman for the procurator fiscal's office confirmed that a complaint has been served on Aberdeen City Council in connection with the accident.
    • The protocol has been issued to all procurators fiscal in Scotland.
    • Under the current rules, if a prosecution was given the go-ahead, the procurator fiscal would send the police report to the Crown Office, which would take over proceedings.
    • A report was been submitted to the procurator fiscal after a third person in two days has been charged with letting off fireworks in a public place.
    • At present, only a procurator fiscal can access an accused's medical records or order a blood sample during an investigation into an alleged physical or sexual assault.
    • A report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal following a disturbance in the Ferry Inn, Stromness, on Wednesday afternoon.
    • Therefore anyone caught with cannabis in Scotland has continued to face prosecution as police report offenders to the procurator fiscal every time they are found in possession.
    • A man has been arrested and a report is to be submitted to the procurator fiscal.
    • An interim report on the tragedy is expected to be handed to the Crown Office by the Hamilton procurator fiscal within four weeks, but legal sources say there is nothing to indicate its owners will be held liable for the tragedy.
    • Files have been passed to the police and the procurator fiscal's office.
    • The procurator fiscal instructed them to leave the indictment there on the basis that the accused had no proper domicile of citation.
    • The procurator fiscal's decision to restrict the indictment at trial ‘merely reflected her assessment of the best verdict that she could achieve on the evidence led’.
    • The owner was traced and a report is to be submitted to the procurator fiscal in relation to cruelty to animals.
    • The investigator leading the battle against bootleggers has complained to the Crown Office that procurators fiscal are ignoring clear-cut cases of copyright theft.
    • After receiving it, the procurator fiscal instructed officers to make further inquiries before deciding whether to charge the officers named with any criminal offences.
    • The review applies to hospital post-mortem examinations and not to those carried out on the instructions of the procurator fiscal for investigating unexpected or unexplained deaths.
    • Because of a cluster of such deaths in the region the local public health department, the police, and the procurator fiscal showed considerable interest in the case.