Traducción de prod en Español:


darle un codazo a, v.

Pronunciación /prɒd//prɑd/

verbo transitivoprodded, prodding

  • 1

    (with elbow) darle un codazo a
    (with sth sharp) pinchar
    he kept prodding me to keep me awake me daba codazos (or me pinchaba etc.) para que no me durmiera
    • Landon had several men poking and prodding his bare chest as he sat on the bed table in nothing but his breezers.
    • She lifted her helmet from over her eyes and saw him kneeling down by the door, frowning as he prodded at the remains of his coat.
    • But Dobinson's finger delicately prods the ancient Cellophane that's kept everything neatly in place since the late 1950s.
    • Indeed, if blame had to be apportioned for the tedious first half offering then the finger need only be pointed then prodded at Exeter.
    • After mixing the drink, she turned around and prodded Daryl with her finger.
    • I conceded that it was indeed made of rubber, as was I, as he poked and prodded my palm.
    • Nichara made a grim expression and drew her cloak more tightly about herself and prodded at her cheeks with quivering fingers.
    • Margaret prodded at her face, making sure she was clear of any form of blemishes.
    • I didn't want to go back to this dreaded school where I felt like I was in a cage and being prodded at with a hot iron stick.
    • Wind picks at a stray lace; I uncoil a hand from jacket cuff, poke out a finger and prod the lace back beside ankle under my foot, moving my foot slightly to make it stay in.
    • She hated being fitted since she usually was prodded and poked by malicious pins.
    • His whole body seems to awake as if a finger has prodded nerve spots of his nostalgia.
    • She prodded at my hair for a moment or so and then, began to wash it.
    • His fingers ghosted across my stomach and tenderly prodded at my side.
    • Olivia poked and prodded at me for a few minutes as she tried to make sure that she knew what to fix and what to leave.
    • Dale prodded at a ticklish spot on Tiffany's stomach with his fingers, which made her giggle.
    • I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get prodded and poked in a variety of places I prefer not to be prodded and poked in.
    • Not created in some lab with a bunch of doctors and scientists poking and prodding them with instruments.
    • I poked and prodded at these sites in hopes to locate some remaining muscle tissue, but very little was found.
    • Kirik sat beside the hearth and prodded at the embers with an iron rod.
  • 2

    (encourage, remind)
    you have to keep prodding her or she forgets tienes que estar constantemente recordándoselo para que no se olvide
    • after some prodding I agreed to take the job acepté el trabajo, pero tuvieron que empujarme un poco

verbo intransitivoprodded, prodding

  • 1

    to prod at sth
    • she prodded at the cheese with her fork pinchaba el queso con el tenedor
    • she prodded cautiously at the lump se palpó el bulto con cuidado


  • 1

    (with elbow) codazo masculino
    (with sth sharp) pinchazo masculino
    he gave me a prod in the ribs me dio un codazo (or me pinchó) en las costillas
    • When I wake I turn over carefully to give her a prod.
    • The electric prod can be used in rodeos by approved people, however the electric prod should be used with certain restrictions.
    • There was a particular yearning in the air that the women could still sense, though the room had been filled with army cots and was patrolled by Aunts with electric cattle prods.
    • The police were equipped with guns that fire rubber bullets, as well as exploding pellets of pepper spray, electric prods, and a host of other new ‘less lethal’ weapons.
    • A strange, almost gleeful look was on her face and persisted even when the student behind her gave her a sharp prod and a warning look, which baffled Ri and slightly unsettled her.
    • When I gave him a prod, he moved off in a leisurely way.
    • At least one picture showed a soldier holding what appeared to be an electric prod.
    • Using capsicum spray and cattle prods to subdue the refugees, military personnel escorted the boat back into Indonesian waters.
    • Electric-shock prods and sharp sticks are typically used to torment and frighten the bulls into a stampede.
    • It said the ‘state thugs’ beat people with batons and electric cattle prods, injuring around a dozen people, including one person whose foot was broken.
    • The charity says electric prods and sharp sticks are used on the animals to make them more aggressive before being let loose.
    • Suppose we had all seen the people gunned down in the stadium, being tortured with cattle prods, getting punished for their crime of supporting their democratically elected government?
    • Which gave rise to much discussion and many prods of the hat pin into various maps, seeking our next location.
    • He touched her with the prod and an electric current shot through her.
    • She let the visitor in, giving him a soft prod to make him turn.
    • Poppa had a glass prod inside the tank, poking at her and recording her ferocity.
    • Another funny thing about picking blackberries was the fact that no one seemed to take any notice of the tears in the clothes or the prods of the thorns.
    • ‘Come on, Dolly,’ I said, giving her an affectionate prod.
    • Cattle were reported to vocalize when an electric prod was used.
    • Instead, rocket launchers and shock prods, daggers and sniper rifles all take up just one slot each.
    • As was the case with this particular dog, some dogs deal on a regular basis with cattle prods or other shocking devices wielded by their masters or trainers.
    • And now, they drew closer still, handcuffs in one hand and electric prods in the other.
    • Yep, he thought as he yelped in pain from his experimental prod of the wounded area, that's gonna sting alright.
    • On the whole, electric prods are not needed on farms, as boards induce fewer behavioral problems and the use of the board can reduce the time required to move pigs.
    • A freshly-prepared, dark mint chocolate souffle deflates wonderfully with the first prod from my partner, lusciously paired with bountiful coconut ice cream encased in a fortune cookie.
    • Prior to release, electric prods and sharp sticks may well have been used to torment and frighten the bulls into a stampede.
    • It took two members of Keyes' own staff using a combination of bullwhips and cattle prods to drive him away from the woman.
    • But it was just a question of getting on with it with pokes and prods.
    • After a few prods and pokes, he gave an injection for the pain, sat at his desk, lifted the phone and ordered the air ambulance.
    • Five and a half months into my pregnancy, I finally felt my daughter's distant quaking and, soon after, legitimate pokes and prods that made my T-shirt bulge while I shopped for groceries.
    • We found that by adapting an electric shocking livestock prod, it is much easier.
    • The main purpose of my wee trip was to see my Uncle John and give him a poke and prod prior to his heart surgery.
    • Some writers have suggested that electric prods should never be used or should be used sparingly.
    • Feeling much different, lighter, you could say, Kirwin kept up the brisk pace commanded by the prods of the guards' spears.
    • The kid shyly thanked me for the compliment (after a subtle prod from Dad) and then he continued jumping around.
    • She then fell to her knees and worked for a few moments at stoking the fire, tapping the logs with the metal prod first and then using the bellows, her fingers warming as the fire flared higher.
    • The US soldiers wouldn't let him get back in the line and beat him with long batons and electric cattle prods.
    • With appropriate physical gentleness, have a poke and a prod and check out the territory.
    • Sighing, he got to his feet, and gave her a prod in her side.
    • After explaining that I've been feeling fine for the past few months, I lie face down for him to give me a healthy prod.
  • 2

    you'll have to give him a prod vas a tener que empujarlo / aguijonearlo
  • 3

    (for cattle)
    picana femenino
    aguijada femenino España