Traducción de product placement en Español:

product placement

colocación de productos, n.


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    colocación de productos femenino
    • The sharks look more like killer whales and there is a ridiculous amount of product placement for a film ostensibly marketed towards children.
    • We are beginning to test the waters to determine the best way to integrate this product placement and sponsorship.
    • The important thing was that neither Motorola nor Ericsson were doing any product placement at the time.
    • Still, others in the ad industry balk at the retro idea of sponsorship and product placement.
    • The film represents a high water mark in the art of product placement, where companies persuade studios to feature their wares on screen.
    • The film is so full of product placement, you know there is no shame in Hollywood.
    • We don't really do traditional advertising, and we don't have to pay for product placement.
    • The agency will also have a designated division for branded content, sponsorship and product placement in film and television.
    • Prior GM promotions have covered vehicle product placement in the Lethal Weapon movie franchise.
    • The film is one enormous set, with product placement everywhere and the camera crew ever keen to test crane shots.
    • Nearly every shot - every shot, and this is no exaggeration - features some sort of product placement.
    • Clairol, Clinique and OPI nail polish all have product placement as well.
    • Is the movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle good product placement or a 90-minute ad?
    • Louise Fletcher carries The Good Book around so much that it comes close to being product placement.
    • Shen recently wrote an article about the rise of product placement and embedded marketing in Chinese films.
    • The basic rule, according to its guidelines, is that ‘there must be no product placement in programmes’.
    • To prevent surreptitious advertising, consumers will be informed at the start of a programme that product placement is in use.
    • As a result, the cigarette companies adopted a voluntary code that purportedly ended product placement in films.
    • One thing notable about Beautiful is its extreme use of product placement.
    • If one buys into that theory, even product placement as simple as a brand mention becomes attractive.