Traducción de productive en Español:


productivo, adj.

Pronunciación /prəˈdəktɪv//prəˈdʌktɪv/


  • 1

    (mine/factory/land) productivo
    (meeting) fructífero
    (meeting) productivo
    it's not a very productive way to spend your time no es una manera muy provechosa de pasar el tiempo
    • I have/haven't had a very productive day hoy me ha dado mucho de sí/no me ha dado nada de sí
    • to be productive of sth generar algo
    • Once this kind of trust is established, the relationship between the consumer and the medical device company can be productive of real value.
    • In fact, as space grew, the industry became less productive.
    • The people who work with me are able to be more productive because I put a little less baggage in their way than before.
    • Of course, certain institutions are necessary to become economically productive too, but these are not necessarily political.
    • Deforestation and overgrazing destroy productive land, while acid rain damages crops.
    • In today's tight labor markets, both public and private employers will presumably benefit from being able to keep productive older employees on the job longer.
    • My dad ran his coal mine so as to make it as productive as he possibly could.
    • This makes soil more productive and able to support bigger and better crops at the lowest possible economic cost to farmers.
    • The World Wildlife Fund has released a report that assesses our ecological footprint, or the amount of productive land and sea needed to sustain current lifestyles.
    • Malaysia's young, educated, and highly productive workforce remains one of the country's key attributes.
    • A retired North Yorkshire farmer has invented a device which could help reduce flooding risks and pollution - while keeping arable land fertile and productive.
    • And savvy employers have started to realize that a happy employee is a productive one.
    • They can be grown on land that's less productive for traditional crops.
    • Mines in the Pangaeum mountain range were extremely productive of silver and gold.
    • Some have managed to take an interest in their land and make it productive, but many have simply reaped the standing crop and then left the land derelict.
    • Leaders are investing billions of dollars to make our schools more purposeful, more accountable, and more productive of powerful learning.
    • Farmers who are able to be productive and prove useful to society will find us cooperative.
    • In a free market, employers want the most productive work force.
    • As has been indicated, life on the frontier is productive of individualism.
    • Seems like depression does benefit me, I am more productive at work.
    • Settling in South Dakota, Martin Eden initially focuses on transforming the prairie into productive farmland.
    • Four days prior to admission, she developed a cough productive of whitish sputum.
    • For precision organic farming to work, we need to keep our farmers productive and unharmed.
    • A country's most productive force is its diverse strata of human resources.
    • Does Clark's property system preserve incentives to make land productive?
    • White farmers would sell their land to the black community, and then help keep it productive.