Traducción de profession en Español:


profesión, n.

Pronunciación /prəˈfɛʃən//prəˈfɛʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(occupation)

      profesión femenino
      he is a journalist by profession es periodista de profesión
      • the professions las profesiones liberales
      • By profession he was a poet, and he'd appeared in Galway several times before - at poetry readings, unaccompanied by a band.
      • We view teaching as a profession that requires formal training and certification.
      • A qualified nurse by profession, Annemarie had put in 16 years of service in various hospitals in Germany.
      • At the heart of any profession is a body of expertise and abstract knowledge that its members are expected to apply within its granted jurisdiction.
      • They help build true partnerships across cultures, breaking down stereotypes of nationality, profession, and gender.
      • Meanwhile US hacks have convinced themselves that they're involved in a profession rather than a craft.
      • By profession she was a registered nurse and in later years moved into private practice in London.
      • By profession I am a well-known book illustrator and artist.
      • By profession a hotelkeeper, the elder Parer on all accounts had the shrewd joviality of his calling.
      • By profession he is a barrister but he skilfully juggles so many other careers he ought to be in a circus.

    • 1.2(members)

      the medical profession el cuerpo médico
      • the acting profession los actores
      • he's a disgrace to the profession es una vergüenza para la profesión
      • she wants to enter the teaching profession quiere entrar en la enseñanza / en la docencia
      • The beleaguered legal profession demands a little respect.
      • Pharmacy programs are also encouraged to evaluate these practices to assure that the best candidates are entering the pharmacy profession.
      • The whole legal profession is old-fashioned, and steeped in old-fashioned language and mores.
      • Fr Byrne said the legal and medical professions, along with strong support from the community, should go a long way in addressing the drug problem in the town.
      • The regulatory bodies for the health professions should be run by councils that are primarily appointed.
      • That is a very proper process, as essentially this is the constitution of the legal profession in our nation.
      • Do we now have half of the health care profession engaged with this?
      • How can we mentor music students to enter the music profession?
      • The legal profession's peak body, the Law Council, called on judges to boycott the new regime.
      • She has been a leader and a pioneer in the American legal profession.
      • After a few terms at Selma University, he settled in Montgomery where he first entered the undertaking profession.
      • The Law Society of Alberta, the regulatory body for the legal profession, says no complaints have been filed as of yet against anyone.
      • This review will be undertaken every five years and is led by the governing body of the medical profession, the General Medical Council.
      • And you're also a mercy giver, because you wouldn't be involved in the nursing profession in an emergency room.
      • ‘The awareness of diversity is an important element of training for the childcare profession,’ he noted.
      • The veterinary profession is extremely important to New Zealand, and that is why I am pleased that the House has spent a considerable amount of time on this legislation.

  • 2formal

    profesión femenino
    a profession of faith una profesión de fe
    • Testimonials give greater emphasis and personalize professions of beliefs as proof to support the veracity of a particular claim.
    • The extraordinary thing about that is that her husband, though coming to all the meetings with her, makes no profession to be a Christian.
    • The religious rockers make many professions about the Lord Jesus Christ but as soon as the music starts, a transformation occurs as they are taken over by the spirit of Elvis Presley.
    • It would be bad faith to suggest that contemporary evangelicals' profession of faith in a life to come or in another world is bad faith.
    • Generally, chaplains of any faith can gain access to local religious leaders since religion and a profession of faith are the common bonds.
    • The great point of that book was to deal with this problem of a false profession.
    • First, they need to acknowledge that their initial profession of Jesus' Messiahship is inadequate.
    • In his professions, he claimed the Blair Witch had placed a hex on him, forcing him to commit the murders.
    • These are dynamic, like riding the waves of the sea, the source of salt, not static, like acquiring and holding a special position by reason of religious profession.
    • The name Evangelical derives from the profession of the Evangel - that is, the gospel.
    • Having ‘God’ in it divides us and attempts to link patriotism to public professions of religious belief.
    • His first investigative office was closed only a few months after opening when the government launched a campaign to suppress the profession.
    • Living ‘by faith in’ suggests that faith is a profession to be asserted, a willed thing.
    • Hearing the Lord's voice takes us beyond mere religious profession or formal observances.
    • They think there is something illegitimate about anyone on the public payroll making open and passionate professions of their faith.
    • Can there be a credible Christian profession if there is no love?
    • Rather, they imply sincerity in our profession of Christ as Saviour and Lord.
    • In joining the Church he made a genuine and honest profession of faith - but he did not experience it as entry into a true community of faith.
    • The Irish Constitution guarantees freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion.
    • The wicked world pursue their evil cause boldly, but alas! the people of God shame their honourable cause and profession by their cowardice.
    • Nations have frequently tired of freedom and yielded themselves to tyrants, but not because of guileless trust in false professions.
    • A direct profession of faith would be insufficiently impure, a denial of the brownness of real life.
    • On the basis of our repentance and profession of faith in Christ, God regards us as acceptable and pleasing in His sight.
    • Although not a Christian by profession, Jaspers' philosophy was Christian in many of its tenets, and he was also systematically Kantian.