Traducción de professional foul en Español:

professional foul

falta profesional, n.


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    (in soccer)
    falta profesional femenino
    • There was only one possible outcome for the clearest professional foul we have seen so far this season.
    • Commentators excuse the action by calling it a professional foul, but the reality is that if the rules of the game are broken it is a foul and should be suitably punished.
    • Wiley deliberated long and hard, consulting his assistant to heighten the drama, but as professional fouls go it was as clear-cut as they come.
    • Whyte, indeed, was red-carded for a professional foul on Shearer at Ewood Park in this campaign.
    • All they got from this was a penalty, when a penalty try would have been more appropriate for such a deliberate professional foul.
    • Rosen Kirilov gets booked for a professional foul on Freddie Ljungberg.